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Bspendlove's News

Posted by Bspendlove - February 14th, 2017

Well, this place seems to let me dump a few things without personal friends finding via reddit/LTT/fbook haha..


I've had my last exam for my CCNA booked for thursday! I aced ICND1 and it was a good introduction to how cisco exams are compared to microsoft/comptia. I've literally fell in love with everything I learn throughout studies and hands on experience and my plan is to defintely go for CCIE R&S (and maybe branch off into other CCNA/CCNP topics)...

I have spent a lot of time with my studies so far and I really can't wait to move onto the CCNP content although I think I would be required to move along in my career to take advantage of future qualifications and to enjoy what I really love. I do a lot of server administrator and I'm responsible for setting up backup systems which I really do enjoy although my heart lies in more networking orientated roles.


The labs I am hoping that will be on th exam are of course, EIGRP and OSPF but also would be nice to see IPv6 and IPv4 access lists. I am brushing up on QoS and SDN since these really are my weakest topics but I bloody do enjoy reading about SDN... Well... I'll post if I pass and if not... then I'll be crying for a week until I'll pass it the following week but.... motivation! I'm going to pass... wooo! (hope so....) haha


16-02-2016 EDIT: I done it! Officially a CCNA R&S! My CCNP studies are to come next but I will have a small break first

Posted by Bspendlove - December 3rd, 2016

I talk about the VLAN trunking protocol, going into a small depth based around the CCNA level, talking about the 802.1Q header fields and demonstrating a VTP domain and how to populate the other switches vlan VLAN database from the VTP server.


VTP Basics


In other news! I have passed all of my Networking + Server exams and have been motivated by 2 friends (one in college) to get my CCNA. I am about a 1/3 the way through and I am not just scattering through to configurating because I feel like learning to configuration to pass the exam and then you end up with a CCNA without the depth knowledge of what is actually happening isn't for me....



Posted by Bspendlove - October 16th, 2016

I thought I would post if anyone came across and wanted to take a look at a blog based around Networking/Server aspects in the good 'ol computer world.


I was asked to create a basic blog around CIDR and subnetting which I still need to make a few more posts, but here  is a small post on VLSM/CIDR and a small mumble around classful/classless addressing:

'Understanding the 'jist' of CIDR / VLSM'

A little blog on the basics of creating VLAN's using sub-interfaces which a friend asked me to touch lightly

VLAN configuration with Layer 3 (using sub-interfaces)

I also posted how to setup OneDrive for buisness as a simple group policy to mimic a network drive on a group, it was actually quite a tough project to setup and since I could not find any good sources on the internet that actually work in 2016 LOL. A very smart guy over at linustechtips helped me out and I can't thank him enough

OneDrive group policy deployment

I am writing a new post around a very basic understanding on VLSM subnetting and the difference between fixed subnet masks and variable subnet masks. I'll be explaining a few basics from configuration and even going through the process of subnetting 2 networks. 1 as FLSM and the other using VLSM with RIPv2



Posted by Bspendlove - August 21st, 2016

I want to take my eyes from games and such to begin a new series of projects in the future, including getting back into creating a Kontakt library.


I've been a lazy ass since my other release Section B and I've been an idiot to others in the process. I actually want to revive an old project of mine "Central Synthesis" which really was a challenge to program in the kontakt interface since I wanted more control over a simple sound to manipulate as much as possible so it would be a complete new interface inside the Kontakt interface itself but many limitations were popping up here and there.


This was the original interface and as you could see, I was never good at graphical work but this was a basic concept of the synthesis project that I actually wanted to create a VST from scratch.


So I am thinking about releasing a few free libraries such as Sound FX, Rhythmic Loops (again!) and maybe some test libraries to see feedback from others...



Posted by Bspendlove - August 10th, 2016

I've felt bad that I've rarely played piano due to work and studying for my IT career and have not composed a single piece since sometime early last year...


I really had not the 'energy'? More like inspiration to touch a keyboard or such in the past 2+ years, I've yet to get back into composition and get into the zone of practicing again. I feel like I want to carry on with sound design/kontakt libraries and really enjoyed it so I may get back onto that and just release everything I do for free...

My college has been messing me around with my courses but it is finally sorted to start next month which will be fun. I have a spare workstation I borrowed from work, Xeon 16GB so I can finally motivate myself to get back into composition and sound design...



Posted by Bspendlove - August 3rd, 2016

I had the full exhaust system for a bit now, and the new levers for a few weeks but it is coming along slowly for that black/red theme.





I've actually got some red bolts coming in to replace the stock ones on the engine and fairing, then I need to get the decals off the fairing/tank with a heatgun or hairdryer might do. New stickers are what the bike below has, which really looks better than black/grey side fairings.




Stuff is going all good so far, although I think I'll be on my next bike next year for sure. Either to stick with a CBR and get a CBR300 or get a Ninja 300 2016. So far my eyes are set on the Ninja for now...

Posted by Bspendlove - June 10th, 2016

So, I finally booked an exam a few days ago (70-680) for today and passed it just to get the Microsoft Certified Professional (insteading of waiting until next year with college) and plan to get MCSA most probably in Server 2012 by next year.

I should be doing Net+, Security+ and then CCNA (Maybe CCENT for next year then CCNA after) along with the MCSA then maybe set myself a target to hit MCSE for 2018 in Server Infrastructure...


All is coming along slowly.....

Posted by Bspendlove - June 3rd, 2016






It is only a 125cc LOL... Nothing too special, but I'm going to get a Blackwidow exhaust, a new set of bolts for the whole bike (Red), get the rims change to red, red clutch/brake levers, maybe some red footpegs, red chain and maybe a seat cowl (black with red outline)..... Yeah I like black/red.....

and that is what I've been doing the past few months.... Saving and Crying until I could afford this on my low wage apprenticeship...... Although all is going well so far, I got the CompTIA A+ out of the way which was not my cup of tea. Very boring and not interesting but I should be doing by Networking and Server from Microsoft before the end of this year, then my Network+, Security+, CCENT (maybe do CCNA in 2018).

I am currently doing a few private exams away from college. The 70-680 Windows 7 which is quite plain but similar to the Microsoft Operating Systems I done a few years back. Just mainly about deployment of Windows and configuration for Networking + Policies...


I've been studying some of the CCENT/CCNA content and it is defintely my cup of tea. I clicked a few weeks back with CIDR Notation for IPv4 and IPv6, Routing Protocols and been practicing on a couple of Cisco Routers/Switches I bought... Just generally getting my head around all the cool details the Cisco books contain compared to Microsoft + CompTIA... My favorite part so far has to be the subnetting section...



We have a project to work on soon upgrade a schools network infrastructure, then hopefully that job will get us 3 more schools in the area. So yeah.... Awesome stuff

Posted by Bspendlove - March 25th, 2015

Well, as I've been studying Networking/Administration at my college for the past couple of months, I went ahead and decided to check on creating a small environment with a few Virtual machines and connect them all to a domain controller.


Server and Domain controller was easy,


then using Hyper-V to create a few VM's and tried 3 in Windows 7 and another 3 in Windows 8 to see how they differ.


Quickly making the IP addresses static was a quick and easy job but I got stuck on the DNS server, when connecting the VM's to the Domain controller, I didn't have a clue...


I knew the account was created in Active Directory and also the computer names, but turns out I used a different DNS address for each VM which they were all meant to match the actual domain controller and then once they're connected, I can go ahead and change them...


Although it wasn't much to solve, I bloody had a headache for a few hours, I'm now looking around and checking out the group policies locally for standard Users, basic things like hiding the C driver so a user wouldn't delete their operating system or something stupid like that...



My next goal is to set up a secure way of remoting into my computer from my college (SECURELY! it's all about the security!), I'm guessing a VPN would have to be set up to connect to my DC through the internet, I could cheat and use something basic like LogMeIn but I want a challenge! 

Posted by Bspendlove - June 12th, 2014

So, finally bought a new tempory GPU (the Sapphire HD 7850 2GB Dual X OC edition) which performs well for only £95!

Ordered a new case as my current one has extremely shit airflow, the Corsair 230T (basically a little budget build I am doing)...

The 230T is ideal for myself using 5 fans with the NZXT Sentry Fan controller, the Corsair H80i CPU Cooler with dual Cosair SP120 fans, finally buying 2 Kingston 120gb SSD for games and another hard drive for the shit I seem to take up on my 2, 1TB HD's xD


Asrock Mod 1150 ZX97 Killer with the Intel i5 4670K (which I'll be upgrading to the 4790K when it comes out!)... I'll maybe get a new case mid 2015, to add a H100i onto the CPU and clock it to 4.2ghz but I'll be fine for stock speeds. RAM is all sorted as I have decent RAM anyway, all I'll need to save for is either the R9 280X or I might get myself a EVGA GTX780ti, and in the future upgrade to the 800 series when they finally come out.


Don't forget as Broadwell CPU's are coming in 2015, they may introduce DDR4 RAM so I may have to look into a new mobo and CPU. At least the Devil Canyon CPU's will be compatible with the Z97 (and Z87) series of Mobo's....


And along with that 780ti, I'll look into a better PSU than my CX600M, I'll look at least for a 800w Gold, preferable modular.... I CAN'T wait... xD