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UI Designing for library

2013-10-07 08:52:06 by Bspendlove

Sooo I am working on a project with someone!

(You may already know or don't... It is obvious if you look at previous post ;) )

But here it goes....

I have almost finished designing the 'rough' version of the UI in this library and god... After 62 different pictures of designing... around 25? (maybe less) Custom graphic scripts....

over 1k lines of script....

Less than 24 hours

(But 2 days I have worked on this... Around 8 hours in total so far with the design and the script...)

I have finally created a UI more powerful than I ever have... (My personal opinion...)

I found that I wanted to make a UI, which would hopefully make the user feel like they have more control than a normal UI interface with FX....

(I don't actually do any design.... I have literally started when I started making libraries so I am not the best person and drawing UI's ..... xD)

Hope you like the picture and buy/download it when it is finished!

--The final finishes will be editing some of the color to make the UI look more realistic... Shadows.... Lining up all the BACKGROUND ui perfectly with the script.... (as I said it is rough)....

Some of the colors are a bit to bright... (I want to change the EQ/Filter switch on/off to a less brighter red color...)


OK... I have now looked again and I think the EQ sliders look pretty horrible compared to the Delay sliders.... I will re-create the slider graphics later tonight and see how that goes :)

UI Designing for library

(1st brainstorm)

Simple ideas of the UI wallpaper...

200 px 1st image
offset with 2nd picture being a 2nd script

-2nd script will be the FX mainly for the guitar library
such as;

On the main UI piture (1st script)

Simple effects will be on the UI such as 3 band EQ and a HP/LP filter

Simple On/off switch which turns the instrument patch on/off..

(I could use disallow groups/allow groups or purge groups)

1st UI picture will be simple like the CineSamples Iron Guitars Inteface


Maybe a specific color but only 1 (Blue, Red or Yellow?)

EQ knobs can not be hidden on the main page, they appear all the time with the Filters...

You have a switch to turn EQ and Filter on/off.

Custom Graphic Knobs...
-Metal effects

Custom Text as effects that are on the main UI page... They can act like buttons/switches?

The text glows when it is on?
And once you click it the text dims to tell you that the effec is off...

Casual size of the Main text of the library itself somewhere not so big to distract someone when looking at the UI.

Maybe to blend in with the background itself? A lighter version of the background color.


Some quick commands to use in the script from my head...


FX parameters (for 2nd script)


($ENGINE_PAR_FREQ(1,2 and 3) -> $ENGINE_PAR_FREQ1 and so on..)
($ENGINE_PAR_GAIN(1,2 and 3) -> $ENGINE_PAR_GAIN1 and so on..)



Also a main volume control like on a real guitar amp?


2nd UI script is the offset of 1 whole picture

the 'UIwallpaper' image will consist of both images for both scripts

1st script will be 200px
and 2nd script could be the same?

offset of 200px?


(SCRIPT NAME)??? simple...

Like a pedal board?

Do some UI design of different pedals...

Look online at some pedals such as Boss, Ibanez, Dunlop (could add a wah pedal? That could be interesting....)

Make a original picture of the guitar pedals on the pedal board but get a inspiration and idea by researching other pedals.

FX pedals to design and script -

(MAIN fx we would want?)

Distortion (The distortion in Kontakt is pretty shit... but it can still be used to enhance a 'gritty' sound?
(I could just replace Distortion name to 'GRIT' --- Makes it understandable more... Grit is a better term to explain Kontakt Distortion...)

some FX I could add...

Although there is a limit to the picture and space...

Pan? (Pan can be with Volume on the main page)


The design of Pedals...

Create different names to make it look more interesting instead of 'Reverb', 'Delay'....

Something like what 8Dio done in Hybrid Tools

Reverb = Verb
Delay = Deeeeelay...

Could be more interesting for the user...

I could also script ADSR in the main page.. Could be useful to a couple of people who want to create cool attack sustains etc...

KEYSWITCHES... Would be easier to access FX with Keyswitches (this is a most probably, I have already though about it and would love to add it)

Keyswitches for the FX on the Effect page...

The pedals have parameters with custom knobs on...

Also they light up when the button has been clicked (or'stomped...') Simple but not so simple lights...

(NOTE; Not too many lights? Stick to around 2? Red and maybe blue or yellow...)

Different shape stompboxes.. Not all C+P, different style, shape, main box colors....)

That shadow effect of course, a tiny bit of '2D lookalike 3D' Designing with the boxes will defo be considered....

(2nd Brainstorm)

I couldn't wait to post the next update on Cinematic Rhythms Log so I decided to do it now because it is so exciting!

-I now have a fantastic composer I met the other day working with me to produce 3 demos showing this library for promotional/website/soundcloud.

I have literally not been sleeping right, I have been busy a lot with trying to create the most processed sounds I have ever worked with.

SO here it is!

I have been changing a lot with the categories and this decision is now final and is mentioned in the PDF:

There are 4 main Categories in total.

Alongside with 13 sub categories.

1 Tonal Loops
2 Percussive Kits
3 FX and Hits
4 Instruments

Tonal Loops:

3 Sub Categories

-Bonus Tonal Loops

Percussive Kits:

1 Sub Category

-Sound Design Percussive Loops

In this main folder, there are percussive instruments and also some of my best produce and processed Percussive Loops on the same level as HybridTwo - Project Alpha or Heavyocity Evolve..

FX and Hits

5 Categories

-Build Ups
-Hybrid FX


4 Sub Categories

-Synths and Pads

This is the final layout....

So far I have processed 156 Instrument Patches (NKI files) which is still growing and expecting to be over 220+

There will be a rough estimate of 1000 or less samples in the library.

The library is so far exceeding almost up to 2GB.. The plan was to roughly grow around 2GB but we decided to make a goal near 3GB worth of total Cinematic/Hybrid/Soundtrack scoring sounds for you...

It will still be going for £40....

I have decided the Half Price will only last 2 weeks... (Sorry but I have spent a lot of money on this project with recording studio time and equipment...)

There is a short update! -Brandon

p.s. More updates to come soon!

Here is a composition I done today demonstrating only the Cinematic Rhythms Library.

This composition shows a small amount of instruments in the library such as tonal loops, percussive loops, hits, risers, buildups, instruments, Synth pads, guitar, piano and hybrid FX.

All sounds are directly from Kontakt and not mixed or any FX.

Take a look!

I have another composer willing to do a demo for this library soon so watch out for that! (#2)

Have a good day!

I gathered a lot of sounds from the past month hoping to add to the Cinematic Rhythms and I thought I get some opinions...

Take a look at that link...

It shows 4 loops I have made from Samples I have captured and also creating electronic samples from scratch which was a bloody headache..

There will be much more than just 4 loops, (there is at the moment, I have made around 10 but planning on adding a whole NKI instrument for Percussive Loops like the ones in the link similar to Heavyocity Evolve and maybe a very novice version of Damage.. (Not as bloody epic though..)

Could these be useful to you? I personally think I would use these in my own compositions to say that I made them myself which is a big challenge making sounds like this... but how about you? Would you use them at all?...

Would love to hear!


CentralComposers Cinematic Rhythms

CR Update #3

2013-09-30 07:50:17 by Bspendlove

Ok I have posted a lot about my upcoming Library Cinematic Rhythms...

So here is another update! :)

Added another category/instrument patch which holds percussive loops. Not full on percussive ensembles but the Electronic type kits that you would hear in a cinematic composition - like Heavyocity Evolve/Hybrid Two Project Alpha...

122 instrument files now...

so far only 1.8gb (I think or bigger)

so its coming along even more :P

Next update will be some time next week.. :)

Cinematic Rhythms Interface

2013-09-22 17:14:13 by Bspendlove

This post is to show/explain parts of the UI (User Interface) with Cinematic Rhythms.

The first thing I would like to show is the picture at the bottom of this post.

Here is what is on the Interface...

-CentralComposers Logo
-Cinematic Rhythms Text Label
- A FX Menu Drop down including:

and a option to hide the controls.

-A FX switch to turn on/off any FX:

This also allows multiple effects to be on/off at the same time.

FX Parameters:

Each effect has the custom parameters scripted into the UI for easy and full access. This allows you to completely customize the parameters on each effect which we have scripted as easy as possible.

Audio Loop Label with:

- A Audio Waveform View: (Does not apply to each instrument patch, only Tonal Loops and FX)

This allows you to see the waveform, for its peaks in volume or stereo field of the sample. This is very useful for when using our FX hits like Drones because it shows you the whole audio sample from a visual instead of listening to it all to find out where it stops or reaches max volume.


The Audio Waveform view also has a white line which follows the audio in both categories. Although with our Tonal Loops, it also follows the slices in the Kontakt wave editor. This allows you to have an idea of some of the rhythms for the Loops and also looks very 'pretty' xD....


I decided not to go full on graphics with the UI because I wanted to keep it as simple and useful as possible. Other libraries releasing in the future (Maybe!!! Vol. 2 of Cinematic Rhythms) will include a lot of graphics for a more unique UI design and for the user to have more controls/options with what you can do on the UI.


Update with some of the sounds, I have edited some of the sounds which have been finished now for polishing! And I decided to add another 2 sub-categories of sounds.

- In the FX & Hits, I have included a sub-folder called 'Drones'... You may of heard similar sounds in other Hybrid type libraries and I decided to create some of my own!


- In the Percussive Kits, I have decided to include some percussive loops which consist of unique rhythmical loops such as Rhythmic Hi-Hat Loops and Sound Design Loops (The use of different sounds such as table hits, smashing glass, things being hit etc... all in different/similar rhythmic patterns for a wide range of loops!

More to update!!!


I am also releasing 2 new VST's soon so watch out! (Not for Kontakt) Will include WAV files for Drag&Drop usage.

Thanks for reading! :)


Cinematic Rhythms Interface

Well! The Kontakt Library is coming along finally at a good pace!

I have only created 60 different instruments so far at 450+ samples at 1.61gb!

I have been focusing on the Tonal Loops mainly for a while and now I am moving on to focusing on other categories!

So the main categories consists of 1 Tonal Loops, 2 Percussive Kits, 3 FX and Hits and 4 Instruments.

There are also Sub Categories in 3 of these Core Categories.

1 Tonal Loops

2 Percusive Kits

3 FX and Hits
-Build Ups

4 Instruments


My aim is to make this library include at least 250+ Instruments which will work up to around 4GB.

The good thing about this is it is not being released for download for the first couple of weeks. You can order it through Disc version.

Although I need to work out if people outside of UK want to buy it...

This installation is actually very easy and straight forward! We include setup.exe applications which will install all the contents for our library where you designate the installation path to.

The default is C:\ProgramFiles\CentralComposers\Cinematic Rhythms

The disc version is on a DVD which includes packaging and a little cutie manual. xD

If people have sampled a range of sounds instead of just a specific instrument then you would know why this library is being sold at £29.99. A lot of time has been put into this because I have had to travel around some places and I have actually found it fun finding places to record audio in.

I have created a selection of sounds in the FX category such as Booms, Metal hits, Hybrid Sounds, Smashes and general hits which have all been processed the shit out of.

I will update more later in the week! This is actually coming along very well and I have had a bundle of people wanting to buy it up on soundcloud so it is going all good!!

New free Kontakt Library

2013-09-12 16:55:55 by Bspendlove

So, any ideas on what to release next for free?

I was thinking something along the lines of not a single instrument...

Maybe something like a bundle of some synth sounds I am working on....

Or, maybe some rock/pop percussion loops?

Would love to hear from people who had checked out my previous free releases, Central Piano and Central Pan Flute....


Hey Guys!

So, I have been working hard on another library for the Pan Flute.

I have always wanted to sample a Pan flute to use myself and that was the plan, although I thought I would share a demo version of some samples because you guys might find it useful and I have a little something as well ! :P


MOST IMPORTANT NOTE IN THE WORLD OF HISTORY: THIS Library will only work on Kontakt 5.0.3 and versions above! If you try to open the instrument on a version below, you have wasted your time downloading this and should read this part right here....
I have included in the DEMO version:


7 Velocity layers (This was the plan of the full product)

3 Core Articulations;

Sustain (7 velocity layers)

Staccato (1 velocity layer because its a DEMO version)

Vibrato (7 velocity layers)

Each instrument has been recorded at a 'close' mic position. The full product will include 2 mic positions which should be able to mix the both together (Having close on 50 volume and far on 50 etc... Samulis gave me the idea)

In the Full product version, you will have more staccato velocity layers, 1 more mic position (Far) and 2 more core articulations being:

Scales and Phrases.

I might think about adding trills as well.


You can head over to and download it on the 'Free Downloads' Page underneath CentralPiano...

If you enjoy this library or the CentralPiano one then give us a like on Facebook at:

OR follow us on Soundcloud at to keep up to date with the sounds/libraries we are working on!

If you have any questions about the libraries, then contact me through here, soundcloud, facebook or email at


I also may focus on a little something to anyone that is interested in this full product:

A little simple challenge for a free copy of the full product once it has been released and a HALF PRICE DISCOUNT on only one of our products which you can use at any time!

The only rule is: Use this library and make the instrument stand out (Duhhhh of course?!?!)

Create a composition using this library, the instruments should stand out and show the Pan Flute mainly throughout the song. The song will then be showcased on my own Soundcloud and the CentralComposers just as a personal thank you.

I will listen to each composition that uses it! The deadline of creating the composition would be before the full library is released( Which I will set soon!). I thought I would do this in case anyone is actually interested in having a chance to get this library!
If you are interested, give me a email or facebook me with a link to the composition!

I will contact the winner just before the library is released for a early copy of the full library and a half price discount for 1 CentralComposers Library. You can wait as long as you like to spend the Half Price offer, you could even wait like 4 or more months to use this Half Price discount on a future product!


I would also like to ask for anyone that comes across any errors or bugs to please Contact me via Email.

Hope you all enjoy it and have fun with what I have included in the DEMO Version!