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Free Piano Library

2013-09-02 16:04:22 by Bspendlove

I have released a free piano library which is very basic, hence why I am releasing it for free...

The design/UI is very novice like and not very professional as seen on the website.

Here is the link:!freedownloads/cyjn

The piano library consist of 5 different velocity layers (FF, F, M , P and PP)

There is nothing fancy about different mic positions or any advance script but I wondered if any one would find it useful for a free product. I personally think it could be useful for beginners or 'Pop' composition.
This instrument patch will only load on Kontakt 5.0.3 versions and above so don't bother downloading it if you don't have that version or above...

All the samples are in .wav format (I should of converted them to NCW for size compression but oh well...)
The download is split into 2 parts.

Each part contains half the samples for the instrument patch and if you don't follow the installation instructions clearly then it will not load properly.

Once you have finished the installation from the setup.exe Drag the samples from PART 1 into the installation Directory (Default: C:/programfiles/CentralComposers) inside the Central Piano folder.
Then drag the samples in PART 2 and you will be asked to merge the folder. If this is not done then half the samples will not load in the instrument patch.
The setup.exe will install the instrument patch and other resources to where you direct it after typing the serial password (Sorry for time wasting, I just wanted to test it out... Just C+P (<-- Haha get that? Central Piano??....) the serial key.
Hope some people enjoy it! I want to work on a more advance script and different positions for variation and more choices for you guys soon. I might also work on a Metal/Rock riffs library similar to 8Dio's Apocalypse Guitar (I think its that)...
Yes, I am shit at web designing so any comments on that would be appreciated to make it better!
Also, what is the best way to sell libraries online?
Thanks for reading!
I will be updating the site to once I have actually made a couple of libraries worth selling. I HAVE a long journey of sound design and ideas to come!!!!
HINT HINT, I am also looking for a partner to work with on Kontakt Libraries. I want to learn as much as I can because I really want to take this seriously and get in depth with selling Kontakt Libraries.
Over the past year, I have been inspired by 8Dio and Daniel James. I really enjoy Daniel Jame's videos and his new product is insane, I wish I had it.

Kontakt Scripting

2013-08-26 13:36:56 by Bspendlove

Any one into Kontakt Scripting?

Advanced scripting like working with Custom graphics?

I need some help with creating one kind of graphic on my interface I am working on for another library and I am trying to up my level on the interface design with the script.

I am trying to create a instrument patch where you can select all the instruments on 1 patch with custom 'switches' which will be replaced by a custom image showing the name of the specific instrument.

I know how to do it, I just need some help with setting the switch so when I click on a specific instrument then it will load up from the instrument group in the mapping editor.

Instead of creating different instrument patches for each kind of sound, I would rather have them all on one interface so you don't have to keep opening different patches to use other sounds.

The no eyed Deer

2013-08-08 18:05:17 by Bspendlove

So I was walking down the street the other day and I came across a deer. I stood still and just stared. A guy came past on his bike and slammed on his brakes.

He turned to me and said "This is the perfect moment I have been waiting for, SIR! What do you call a deer without no eyes??????........ A NO IDEA!" (Hahaha) in a strange/scary/pedophile voice....

"Yes.... That was just hilarious" (Laughs....)

"What do you call a deer without no eyes and no legs????? Still no idea!".

LOL, made me chuckle just a bit....

I guess if you are under 20 and laughed then I succeeded. (Only because I am 17. xD)

I have been getting along with releasing these libraries but I have decided to release 2 free libraries for people to try out.

Central Piano DEMO Version which is a demo version of the full product 'Central Piano'. The library has been fully sampled and ready for release soon! which will only cost $14.99!

The piano we choose was a Steinway and we will release some information about the model on the full version page once it is released!

I had the honor to sit down for an hour for each note, pressing away at the same bloody note for different velocities to make the full version have 5 velocities (Which is why it is only £14.99, a future piano library we are in the production of should include 3 different piano models with 15 velocity layers.)

This demo version will not include the 'add library' button in Kontakt, you will have to navigate to the instrument through your Kontakt browser.

The second library is called Cinematic Rhythms, this library has been in the make since the middle of 2012, gathering sounds for use in scores that are fully created/mixed or to start from scratch.

This library includes our unique loops which all have use for specific roles in the composition. Bass Arps, Melodic Arps, Percussion Loops, Percussive hits, Sound FX and hits, Guitars, Pianos, Synths and much more!

The demo version will only include around 60ish different instrument files which are mainly our simple sounds in the library, the full version will include many instruments with around 15,000 sample files and you have the choice to order it by disc if you have a slow download speed or you are old style and love to have the boxed version! ;)

The Cinematic Rhythms library is yet our strongest library to add to a collection of libraries in the music industry to help many producers/composers to either find their style or to add style, detail or strength into a score.

Do not let 'Cinematic' put you off. This does not mean it is only useful to Cinematic styled composers. It is comfortable around a lot of different styles including Pop, Rock, Metal, RnB and more!

This will be released at the price of £39.99 but the first month, it will be half price so I would recomend you to take a look the first month ;)

Cinematic Rhythms will also include the 'add library' button for it to be added to your collection of libraries in the library section of Kontakt.

PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE VERSION THAT YOU CAN USE THIS ON, THE VERSION OF KONTAKT WILL BE NOTED ON THE PRODUCT PAGE once we get around construction of the website in the next week or so.

We will try to get around of releasing these libraries for Kontakt 4 so you can use them on any version above KONTAKT 4.

For more information and details, PM me or email me at

If you want to be notified when the download has been released or the product release date (which will be emailed to you 2 weeks before) then email me with the above address.

Please provide the subject message to what the message is referring to. ex. Subject: Cinematic Rhythms

Two free demo products to be released!

Libraries for Kontakt

2013-06-22 19:49:34 by Bspendlove

I have been keeping on track with earning a bit of money from creating Kontakt libraries for the past year and have a couple that are developing.

I have started on a new library named Alternative Loops. This library includes only percussive loops for those producers in the style of Rock, Pop, RnB, Hip-Hop (You get where this is going)....

This is where the money comes in! These producers over the world that I have came across need percussive loops to use in there works. They want a realistic feeling from these real-time loops, which are recorded, mixed and then patched into Kontakt .nki files for them to add into there works.

A lot of loops are recorded and mixed the least amount to give the user the chance to use the special design interface to mix it themselves.

A couple of loops are also recorded through a couple of percussion samples we have recorded and made into libraries in the past.

We are looking for a partner to join in creating the loops. You will not need to mix them as we have a audio engineer which has worked with me for the past year and knows what I want.

You will not get paid up front..... YET. We will give you a small percentage when it starts to sell, including a full version of the library and credits to the loops you have created. The percentage will increase as the amount of work and loops you create.

The perfect candidate to work with us:

Any experience with Kontakt 5 Libraries (We would prefer it if you did!)

Experience with complex rhythms

Ability to work as a team and give/receive feedback

Experience with drums (You do not have to play them...)

To respect others opinions and not stuck up your own ass. ;)

If you have any experience (or similar) to the the above, please message me or email to show why you would be good to work with us.

We have other libraries that we are developing at this moment in time, if you are interested in any, ask me at or just message me.

Library in development - Cinematic Rhythms

2013-06-17 18:10:49 by Bspendlove

I started developing a couple of libraries a while ago and I have just got round with a partner to release one by the end of this year.

The library is called Cinematic Rhythms and includes 4 folders (each having many sub folders), Arps, Percussion loops, Percussion Hits and Instruments.

Arps include Bass and Melodic rhythmic action of sounds which includes around 100 instruments to choose from (all consisting around 2,000 samples)

Percussion loops are one of the strongest type in this library. Percussion loops from simple deep hits, to complicated rhythms which have all been recorded in a studio of my friends.

Percussion hits include deep hits, percussion kits, build ups and FX with the percussive area.

Instruments include some pianos, guitars, synths, pads etc....

The library will be around 6-8gb which will either be released through downloads (after you pay of course!) or you can order a 2 Disc edition if you do not have internet at home to download it.

This library will be release at £50 but the first month it will be half price.

I have saved up for a lot of libraries myself and spent £80 on each library and expect too much. Half of the libraries I see rip off people with selling their libraries over priced. (I know a lot of effort goes through a lot of libraries)

I actually made this library for myself so I can get my own unique sound especially with electronic sounds. Now I want to share it with others. I have had already around 40 people notice sounds in my composition which they have never heard and they are very interested.

I will be releasing a DEMO (I will take some instruments to give you a feel of it) to see.

I will be uploading a video of it soon on YouTube and post it on the forums, so if you are a guy/girl that like knowing every single library that is out on earth, keep your eyes open. :)