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You can download BF3 for free (full version forever) and legal on Origin as "On the house" from Origin. If you download it before 3rd June, it is your copy and yours to keep, you'll still have access to the MP and full game after the 3rd of June. My fucking birthday has came early as I was about to by BF3 and 4... It runs like a boss on my new GPU. Hitting 90-120+ fps on Ultra (V-Sync off)

Coded a "Gater" type control in the engine, it takes a Rectange LFO and it is targeted to the amp. Three controls have been created with a bypass button:

  • Rate
  • Pulse
  • Volume

Rate: Controls timings of 32nd notes, such as: 1x32 notes, 2x32 notes etc...

Pulse: Literally controls the pulse of the rectangle wave, so you can 20% off and 80% on. etc..

Volume: Controls the intensity of the LFO Modulator in Kontakt. It basically works as a volume for the gated effect, this is extremely cool to use if you activate the Stepsequencer and the gate (but put the gate volume to like 70%), you get some cool rhythms!


Now, I'm coding a little bank feature in the stepsequencer that you have a bank of 16 different rhythms, you can change them and save them too!


I've literally done the code for our instrument/sub-catgory browser which allows easier access to different styles of sound inside the same category, this makes it easier instead of dragging-dropping each patch. BUT, in each library we will include individual patches for each category/sub-category/sample/bunch of samples

So: After looking into Master Patches and categories in the new browser I've coded/designed I've finally split my next product that I'll be developing in a few months.


The plan is:

You get Category MASTER patches to load most samples from each category -> Sub category and also each Sample has an indvidual patch for tuning with the keyboard (instead of having only one key-tuning)..


Categories state as:

  • Drones
  • Hits
  • Percussion
  • Rhythms
  • Risers
  • Synths

Sub Categories are:


  • Low
  • Mid
  • High
  • Design
  • Echos


  • Low
  • Mid
  • High


  • Short
  • Long


I'll be adding sub-categories for Synths and maybe Hits once I actually start getting deeply into the sampling process, but I think this new library will take up to a year, I'll be working on a few side projects and Section B (updating) so hopefully my College doesn't get in the way, and hopefully I'll have enough time after getting a Job to actually spend time making this library.


I'm trying to get the Seqencer in the CentralEngine a bit better with playing live such as Note-Qunatization to users choice as: Sixteenths or Quarters... It's a pain in the coding side, but I've been playing around with some solutions and sums to make the sequencer good for playing live (which is an issue with the Section B sequencer, it's extremely hard to play live, you have to play each note perfectly in time...)

Look at what I'm working on:



This patch basically acts like a "Master Patch" which other patches/categories can be loaded from. I'm still working on it:


Mouse roll over state will make the Cateogry arrow appear to expand the highlighted category (Synths, Rhythms, Perc... etc...)

I'll also be adding a side bar to scroll through more patches when the category expands, so far I can only fit 7 patches into each "Category" but the slider will fix that when I create it.



Well, after trying to find the project PSD file to neating the GUI up a bit, I just had to re-create the GUI from scratch and I think I did a half-decent job to making it look extremely similar. The only files I could get my hands on were the Font's and CentralComposers text... That saved a LOT of time. Look at the different:




NEW and cleaned GUI (I mean clean because it's neater...)



And now, one of the hardest parts... I want to clean up the default knob in our GUI :


I don't like that white outline... :( Hopefully I can find the Knobman file to edit the knob... If not then I'll just completely re-design it.

GUI Designer - Job

2014-05-11 09:55:31 by Bspendlove

If you have been re-directed to this post because you where browsing in the Collab forum, please make sure you apply the job via our Website, we will be able to get in contact with you MUCH faster.

This Job/Position is not required to actually start until 1-3 months from now, we would prefer to make an early arrangment and see what you can do. Before applying, PLEASE make sure you send a portfolio or a demo image/redesigned GUI.


The GUI Designer does not require to code the GUI itself, we'll do that. ;)

We would also "prefer" the canidate to use PhotoShop incase we need to edit a position of a box or something. If you are doing the GUI on freeware and we can download it to use the project files, we'll be happy to accept you.


What we do?

CentralComposers is a Sample music library developer focusing around Native Instrument's Kontakt. We've sucessfully release 2 commercial libraries for our standards and we are looking to up our GUI in future libraries. 

Why the GUI?

We plan to up our level with our GUI design because it let's users have easier control over our Custom Instrument Script which allows them to use controls which manipulate and enhance the samples we provide. A slick and useful GUI will help user's create complete new sounds and have unique options compared to other libraries out in the industry.


GUI Designer

CentralComposers is looking for a GUI designer to create a GUI for our Music "Engine".


  • Come up with idea's for a GUI
  • Create a Modern/Industrial GUI
  • Create Suttle GUI Controls like Buttons, Knobs, Sliders, Navigation controls... (NOT essential) 
  • Take an exsisting idea and expand on it
  • Re-design a GUI (If this is the case...)
  • Provide the Project files with the image (so I can make any changes if needed, such as text, knob size...)
  • Provide the control files (such as buttons, knobs, sliders etc...)

Here are some examples of current GUI's in our Kontakt Libraries:






We require the canidate to have experience with GUI designing and also designing buttons, knobs, sliders.

IMPORTANT: It is not essential for the canidate to design buttons, knobs, sliders as I can do them myself or use previous controls I've created such as in the pictures above. But it would be a bonus on my side of working.


You must be able to:

Communicate regulary when needed to. (not everyday!)

Design the GUI around information and plans.

Work in deadlines such as 1-3 months.

Work in a team (if their are any other GUI designers specifically for the controls)

Create a modern/industrial GUI - Take a look at these GUI's, we expect along the lines but not the same as:

We don't expect you to create GUI's like this, this is NOT what we want. It's just to give you an idea of the kind of GUI designing compared to a Mobile phone or Desktop game.


If you are interested in knowing more, or applying for this job please head to:!contact/c24vq

and use the Contact form. Once you have emailed, I'll reply directly to the email using my personal email to discuss more.


Sorry if I lack any information, just ask if you need to know something.



CentralEngine - Kontakt - v1.1

2014-05-11 07:36:24 by Bspendlove

I'll be posting all these to keep logs incase I lose them from my computer/harddrive!




Engine v1.1 will now provide Impulse samples with each product using our CentralEngine.

Convolution Reverb option on FX Menu.

Impulse Menu including the choice of 9 Custom IR_Samples, plan to add more soon.

NOTE: All impulses are open-source and not encoded into the .NKR Resource file. You can use them with other Plugins/Libraries/VST's.

Bug Fixes:

Keyswitch FX Trigger will turn off the specific FX and turn it off when Step Sequencer is activated.

Impulse Sample Menu - Impulse 1 would appear 100x on the list - This was a minor bug that's been fixed.



A look at the impulses: I'll be adding a new graphic under knob to make it look prettier, instead of leaving a blank space. ;)




IDEAS are welcome from anyone: What would you like to see on an interface that you buy?

Section B GUI developed into our main "Engine"

2014-05-10 19:50:07 by Bspendlove

So, after scripting Instruments in CentralComposers... I've decided to take a turn at the Section B GUI and turn it into our main "Engine" for a few more future products until we create a new one.


I've decided to expand onto the script, letting the engine be a little feature inside Kontakt to the whole aspect of controlling the sounds etc...



What do you think would be a good idea to add inside our little "Engine" or whatever you want to call it. What will be some good features to use when working with samples.


(We also want to develop this engine into a default patch where you can use your own samples to use...)



What I've added to the engine:


Keyswitch FX Triggers - Controls all FX bypass states from your fingertips

Also included a GUI TAB to explain which key triggers which FX

Convolution Reverb GUI TAB (Custom recorded/made impulses will come with all products using the CentralEngine)



What I have in mind to implement:


The option to control the Start time of the sample from the audio view and the release time...

Better and more User friendly STEP Sequencer

Gate (Similar to 8Dio's - Like a stutter...)

Filter sequencer - like the step sequencer we have now but controlling either Cutoff or Resonance

Arp (for the step sequencer) - Pitch....

Well, finally:

I'm releasing the first update for Section B Kontakt library today which will include some more Samples/Instruments and a new CORE category.

Drones/Pads are introduced into our Library as we don't have much categories, only High Synths, Low Synths and Rhythms.


We have included more Rhythms in the update and we are already working on the next update for Section B (v1.1) which will include:


  • Risers
  • Builds
  • FX
  • Hits
  • Percussion
  • More Synths (maybe rhythms too! more percussive though...)


You can view the PDF for Update v1 at:

You can view the website at:

The product at:!section-b/cn8p





In other news! As I've been extremely busy with Kontakt libraries + scripting, I've been working on Versilian Studio's Timpani (Kontakt edition) and the VS Upright Piano which is taking more time than expected. 


I've also ordered myself a new GPU (not that new..) the Sapphire HD 7850 2gb GDDR5 OC edition with Dual X Extreme dual-fan Cooling which looks slick for a cheap computer like mine, I bought it for £95, which was a bargin and extremely cheap for such a neat little GPU. I received it today, and all I need to wait for is my new 600w Modular Cosair PSU then I can test it out. I'll be buying a new CPU, Motherboard and case in the future (next 3 months) and then another new GPU to up with my hardware to get me sorted.


I'm also working deeply into Section B so I'll be releasing a few more updates until I move onto another product. It's a little dream of mine but I feel like I'm getting somewhere with Kontakt Libraries/Sound Design... Who knows, Maybe it'll be a job of mine when I hit my 20's? xD



KVR Forum - CentralComposers

2014-04-27 07:39:56 by Bspendlove

Just applied for a dedicated Forum page for CentralComposers at KVRaudio.

I'll be posting regulary for updates, news and VST's/Libraries in development. If my application gets accepted, I'll post a link to it once I've planned out a few intro topics etc..