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Section B - Update in progress

2014-04-26 16:36:38 by Bspendlove

Section B!


I'm working on an update currently which will be added to new customers when they buy/download Section B and also will be sent out to the customers already who have purchased Section B.


Currently, Section B itself has 150+ NKI patches with 3 Core categories.


In the update I am working on, we are planning on topping the NKI patch total to 300+ and we have already planned some more categories including:


  • More Synths
  • Risers
  • Builds
  • Percussion + Hits
  • FX Sounds - Organic and Synthetic
  • Drones/Pads


This update will boost the product itself, and basically be an expansion pack for Section B. We are planning to create a video once this update has been released to show off it's core features and the amount of fun you can have with all the sounds we've created! ;)


Hope to see people soon!




If anyone would like to post our Section B product on any other website/forum, feel free to do so, I couldn't thank you enough if you helped me out!

Hey guys,


I've finally wanted to release Cinematic Rhythms for free. I had people buy it when it first came out to cover the expenses on Hosting, website designing, buying gear to make new libraries, getting by and also to keep myself up and running with CentralComposers.


Cinematic Rhythms can be bought or downloaded for free at

When you click on the product, head down to "Buy Now". Once you are at the payment section where you see "Coupon Code", enter: CENTRALCR and click Update.


Cinematic Rhythms consist of 200+ Instrument NKI files, Bonus Loops, Round Robin on most Melodic/Bass Instruments.


You can view more information on Cinematic Rhythms up on the page on our website, please do check it out if you like downloading free stuff!



Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone knows some more forums I could go post on about Section B, I've actually created a demo on the CentralComposers website now and you can go check it out!


The forums I usually use to advertise/promote:


VI Contorl Forum

KVR Audio


Native Instruments Forum


What are some awesome forums to go visit? :)



Hey guys!


I don't think I can post this in the forums so I'll post it here for whoever is interested ;)


Introduction Price at $50, $99 full price on 18th April, grab it while you can! 

CentralComposers have just released Section B, second Kontakt library developed by us! 

Information that many people care about:  ;)

150+ NKI Instrument Patches 
Only 800+ MB! 
Downloadable only 
Custom GUI Script with 16-Step Sequencer 
Over 1,100+ Samples 
(Free download of Update v1.1 includes more Instruments/Samples soon!) 



Section B consist of 3 main categories being: 

1) High Synths 

2) Low Synths 

3) Rhythmic Synths/Percussion 

High Synths are considered as Plucks, Pads, Sustained samples. 

Low Synths are considered as Deep Basses, Tune Droned, Low Plucks and sounds that work fantastic with our GUI Step sequencer! 

Rhythmic Synths/Percussion includes Rhythmic tonal loops, Percussive Loops, Sound Scape Loops, great for working with underscores or re-creating with our GUI. 

We have also included 2 bonus folders that contain a bunch of sounds (like our Cinematic Rhythms) which include: 

Bonus FX and Hits (Booms, Building Drones, Screeching FX) 

and Hybrid Grooves (What we call unusual rhythmic loops!) 



Section B's GUI has a selection of FX which let the user to have control over in Kontakt such as Reverb, Delay, Skreamer, Distortion, Filters and a Phaser. 

We also have included an EQ designed to control Low, Mid and High frequencies, and added some main controls to use such as Volume, Pan, Tune (in Cents + or -), and of course an ADSR (which is important when using the step sequencer to color your sounds!) 


We'll have a Youtube Walkthrough up soon, + a few more demo's. 

You can find more information on our website at: 

You can buy the product at either:!section-b/cn8p 

(The URL tag make's this whole post not visible, this link can be copied into a web browser) 

(Fast LINK) 

We're about to work on an expansion for Section B which includes an Update of more Instrument Patches + Samples, we are looking for suggestions if we should and! if YOU have any suggestions, please use to contact form on our website or email myself at

Kontakt 5 Scripting Examples #2

2014-04-02 03:50:13 by Bspendlove



for anyone who uses Kontakt 4/5 that want's to either do things with their Instrument Patch, see some examples or learn some basics:


I have created another few examples:

1) A simple step sequencer that controls velocity of the note, how many steps you want it to play, 1/4,1/8,1/16 and triplet timings, a simple divisor.




2) Real Midi Trigger FX with full controls (Most commonly known in a lot of 8Dio's libraries!)



Hope you enjoy! Will be writing more little scripts for people in the future, I don't know if it helps anyone but I hope someone comes across it. :)!basics-of-scripting/carl


Head to the "Downloads:" and find the right file to download (Basic Step Sequencer SCRIPT and Kontakt - FX Trigger.... etc..)




Other news on CentralComposers:


We'll be releasing Section B VERY soon! I've been editing the script a lot, and also polishing some patches. Basic info to get you wondering:


Just under a gb! (With more than 1,100 samples)

150+ Instrument Patches

3 Main Categories (Synths - High, Synths - Low, Rhythmic Synth/Percussion)

Bonus Categories (Hybrid Grooves, Bonus FX & Hits)

GUI which allows loads of control over the patches sound with FX etc...

AND a little cute guide explaining on Section B ;)


I have a suprise as well from a fellow Newground user (FANTASTIC COMPOSER!), but it's a suprise until we release it. I'll have to force you to listen to his music.

See you around soon!



Section B is coming along very smoothly in the time I am working on each day, expecting to come out late April as my second Kontakt library. Cinematic Rhythms was successful as a novice company, and many people liked it... I am sure people will like this too! (Hopefully!)...


I have 3 more products planned to release by 2015!


Demos and walkthroughs may be out shortly!



Just got invited from a college to study the chosen courses I applied for a few days ago! I can't wait to check the college out, and finally might be studying my Music+Music technology... :)

"Hiring"/Work with me - Creating another Library

2014-03-16 14:46:24 by Bspendlove

I need someone who is willing to work in partner with me at CentralComposers on another library.


The first thing I will mention is that I am looking mainly for people who have a lot of experience in Synthesis and creating sounds for such genres like: Cinematic, Hybrid, Hip-Hop, Trance, Eletronica, R&B, Dance, Industrial, Techno. 


I am not too big on the whole aspect of rules but here is the canidate's requirements:


  • Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5


  • Experience (or similar) with creating a Kontak library/bank


This will include the process of :

  • Using the Mapping editor to drag your samples into the NKI file
  • Using the Kontakt in-built features such as the Sample editor, FX, Different Modes, Groups etc...
  • Layout of the library itself (you will be required to follow a basic layout for the library, where you will save the NKI files, the samples.. etc..)



  • Be able to create unique samples/loops/beats etc..
  • Able to be contacted quite often (not every single day...)
  • Listen and work with feedback
  • Be a decent communicator
  • Have many ideas
  • Be able to edit samples
  • Have some basic general knowledge in the Kontakt Engine
  • NOT REQUIRED: It would be preferable if you can compose a demo, or use the library yourself to send to me to show the audience different compositions made with the library itself.
  • NOT REQUIRED: It would also be preferable that the Candiate gives feedback on the GUI and the graphics as an overall to the library.




Creating a library requires dedication and time. The canidate must have time and be very enthustiastic on creating a library with me. If I see you are being to slow or not dedicated enough, I will mention it and expect a change. Please do not request a position if you are not willing to work professionally.


Requesting to be apart of a library will involve in your idea, not mine. I will give the chance for the canidate to express the idea of what library to create and I will discuss it with them. Examples of idea's can be:


  • Loop library with Hip-Hop beats
  • Bundle of user-made Synths (Read descript titled "Synth Work" Below...)
  • A Trance pack with Drum loops, Synth basses, Synth melodies etc...
  • Hybrid type loops library




Synth Work:


Creating a library with Synthesis can go both ways.


The first requirement on making a library when using other Synths:


  • Can you use your patches and sell them commerically?

Synths such as Zebra 2, Massive, Gladiator (I believe you can) etc... You are allowed to create your own patches, sample them to develop further as Audio can be sold in a Kontakt Library. Developing a simple patch in Massive and converting it as Audio to sell as a Kontakt library can be done, although if you do so.. You will be kicked of the project.


I don't expect the canidate to create a simple square wave synth line, record it... Add reverb and then add it into a library. Many companies such as 8Dio, Heavyocity, HybridTwo, Universal Sampling, BigFishAudio, LoopMasters etc.. use Synths to create some of their sounds. Although they do not depend on a simple square wave and filter then adding distortion or some delay to make all their samples sound good. Each company spends a vast amount of time, creating unique sounds which don't sound dull, boring and un-creative.


This means another requirement on the canidate to have an in-depth knowledge of Sound Design/Synthesis/etc.. on the idea they will be sharing with me.




  • Using pre-made Patches


I seriously mean it, you are not allowed to take any patch developed by another person or company, change it and then record it.


When creating sounds for a Kontakt library using Synths, you must always work on your own templates and start from Scratch... No copying patches. This will avoid you getting into trouble and my company being sued.




Now, I have literally got all the basic requirements out of the way, I can stop being all serious (I hate being so serious, but seriously.. I don't want to be sued).


This might be the most intersting part on your mind:


Do I get paid?


Yes, it is paid. The payment will be 50% on each sale on the Kontakt Library itself, alongside with a fixed payment before we release the library on CentralComposers.


You might wonder, how do I know how many units will be selling in the time?

Well the candiate will recieve a login account into our service providers to see how many sales we have, how much we have earned etc...


(Also they'll recieve the product itself! Of course....)



You don't have to worry about all the scripting and GUI design. You will be required to give "feedback"/Ideas on the GUI itself.



If you are interested in knowing more, please message me at or use the Contact form on the CentralComposers website.



I'm not too serious when it comes to having a chat. ;)

Hope to hear from some people soon!



If the library/Idea is successful not commerically but physically, then I will be thinking about another few projects like this.

FINALLY.... After a months break on another Library I was developing a while ago, I finally got around tweaking the script and I'VE F**KING MADE IT MORE COMPLEX... Grrrrrrrrrrrr


I've finally got it around my head, because creating/programming a Synth in kontakt is fooking hard. Espically when you want it to have all the common features a Synth has like 2 Oscillators with both ADSR and Filters (both filters having ADSR)... A LFO that syncs to the Amp, Filter and Tune... Also the option to make the LFO not synced is a bitch....


I was planning on giving this product (along with another one) out for free!


Requires, newest version of Kontakt 5.... :( Sadly, I stuck with Kontakt 5 instead of scripting it in K4...

Hey guys,


I just made another pack and finally uploaded it, you can download it here:!free-downloads/c1do8


"Brandon Spendlove - Zebra 2 Sound Design" - The bundle comes with a previous bundle, for people who did not check out my previous bundle...


This pack contains random patches I just made out of the blue, I will be creating a more arranged and more useful pack soon but I just wanted to release something for free! ;)