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Well after an hour, I finally got my Zebra 2 pluck guide on my website and working on the Kontakt libraries (had to re-format the whole bloody guide)... Wix, tends to be a bit retarded in terms of long text boxes, so if it looks weird on another browser like Chrome, please excuse the layout until I get it sorted...!guidestutorials/ccm5



I'll be adding a few more tutorials, and get into depth more (and explain the basics) of both Kontakt and Zebra 2...




-Hope you enjoy!



Anyone having a problem?

2014-03-11 17:14:18 by Bspendlove

Anyone having any problems uploading pictures to a post, or a submitting your audio with Chrome?




Must be me....


Stupid computer

I thought I'd do some things on the Zebra Synth as I have been loving it from the past few months...


I might start on a sound design series for YouTube on creating Hybrid/Cinematic type rhythm/patches with Zebra and also from a recorded sample. Similar to those sounds I am making in my upcoming Kontakt library "Section B"...



Well! this is going to be an extremely short and VERY easy tutorial...


So let's get started:


Open Zebra, go to your Synthesis and make sure you are clear from Filters, Osc's and etc...


  • Insert OSC 1 and click on "OSC 1" down the bottom as shown in this picture (RED):



  • Now, we are going to use a Square waveform for this patch.. Just follow along so you don't get confused.




Let's now do a couple of tweaking...


On our right we have "Normalize"... Tweak that up all the way for now...




Now, let's edit the Oscillator and add some detail to our sound...


What we are going to do:


  • Set the Unison to Dual
  • Detune the waves by a slight amount (by -3.00)
  • Turn on Phase reset (So the unison waves are triggered every time you press a key) Helps with plucks!
  • Turn the volume for OSC 1 all the way down (Stupid right? No... Wait...)

(Excuse my photo description, I'll spend more time and not use paint.. I'll use PS instead... xD)




Next step:

  • Add Env2 (Envelope 2) to control the OSC 1 Volume




You may ask, why don't you just use Env1 (Envelope 1) ?


Well, be default Env1 controls the vibrato. If we are not using Vibrato in our instrument patch then we can use it, but I like to make sure and be safe and just use Env2. It won't hurt to do so!


Next step:

  • Turn up the Env2 up full (100)

Edit the Envelope 2 parameters:




Attack = 8.00

Decay = 24.00

Sustain = 0.00

Release = Doesn't matter if there is no sustain... Mines on 20...


What we have done:

Attack - Our attack on 8 is basically to avoid any click sounds when pressing down a note, but also not too much of an attack to fade in the note itself.

Decay - It will take a short amount of time to hit the volume it needs to hold at

Sustain - NO sustain, therefore we will get a quick strike, more of a pluck.. But we still need to edit it.

Release... Well.... As the sustain level is set the 0, the release doesn't have to be taken into account.


Next step:


  • Add a filter (VCF1)
  • Set it to : LP Allaround
  • Edit the Cutoff







Now we will edit the cutoff to what we like (well what I like, but just follow along, or play around for yourself)





Cutoff : 85.00


Ok, a bit quite.... But I think this would do for our editing with the sound...


Now let's head to the Global section as shown:




We will now focus on around this area:




We are going to add in the first colum:

NOTE: It does make a different if you add Reverb after delay, the best results is adding it before the delay.

  • EQ
  • Compressor (Optional)
  • Reverb (Optional, but I'd advise to!)
  • Delay (Opitional)



EQ settings: (Enhance the higher frequeinces for the more pluckish sound, I seem to like plucks like this)




Compressor (Opitional):




Reverb: (I just like adding reverb to my plucks!)




Delay: (Some awesome sounds is to mix, 1/4 - 1/8 or 1/16 with either 1/4 Dotted, 1/8 Dotted or 1/16 Dotted. What I like personally...)


Here is the download to the patch itself: (Zebra 2.5 Required)


This is an extremely easy tutorial and very easy to follow along, I am planning on making some extremely advance tutorials on exploring Zebra and making different patches like Percussion, Pads, Rhythmic patches, Lead Synths and weird random FX!


If you have any request, please feel free to ask me or PM me.... I'll help out as much as I can. 


P.S. Sorry for all the pictures, I was explaining this tutorial as I would to someone who has never had any experience with Zebra so I made sure I was simple on which buttons to click, etc...




Section B Update #1

2014-03-03 04:17:48 by Bspendlove

Section B is the current project we are working on and the second Kontakt library we have developed. Section B is a rhythmical and Synth library which contains 3 main core features: 1) High Synths 2) Low Synths 3) Rhythmic We have created a custom 16 step-sequencer to use with addition in the library to create your own rhythmic patches. The sequencer allows you to control:  

  • How many steps to play
  • Velocity of notes per step
  • Timing of 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and 1/4D, 1/8D and 1/16 D.
  • Option to turn it on/off by clicking Sequencer at the Audio view/Sequencer area.

Section B was designed to be a huge improvement on Cinematic Rhythms with the quality of sounds and the amount of samples per instrument for less pitch shifting and more realism. As Section B is being developed more, we are thinking of a few more projects in mind to finish before the end of 2014 and hopefully we will have 2 more products done after this one. INTERFACE: On the interface we have a EQ area (On the left), consisting of Low, Mid and High. In the middle we have an option for you to look at the Audio Sample or to turn on the Step Sequencer, which will then replace the Audio view. On the right we have the Effects area which includes a drop down menu with the selection on some key effects to use in Cinematic patches such as:  

  • Delay
  • Distortion
  • Reverb
  • Flanger
  • Skreamer

When the specific FX is selected, the parameters will appear underneath for you to have full control over. We have also included a FX off/on button next to the FX Menu. SOUNDS:  


High Synths are sampled around C3 and above, these sounds can be ranged from Plucks, Sustains or Pads.  


Low Synths are sampled before C3, the low synths are good for making texture underneath strings or even creating rhythmic patterns using the step-sequencer.  


Rhythmic sounds are sampled throughout the keyboard and different to how we did them in Cinematic Rhythms. We have included much more than 1 sample per instrument to give a more realistic sound when playing different parts. Rhythmic patches can be ranged from Pulses, User-created melodies/basslines, Percussion loops etc... More info will be updated in log #2 when we are close to release! -Brandon




EDIT: Wow, Newgrounds had made the layout of this post go weird... 10/10.... Good job...

Skating times... xD

2014-02-20 13:01:12 by Bspendlove

Yeah if anyone checked out a post ages ago, I posted a little trick of me on the good old skateboard ;)


Here are 3 shitty clips of me practicing today...


and the best one.. ;)

Had to restart my whole system...

2014-02-18 19:01:59 by Bspendlove

Well, after the past month and so I have been having major problems with my computer and it loading up...


Recently my computer died on me and again it died on me yesterday and basically everything had to be wiped. 


LUCKY! I bought a Hard driver not long ago but I have most of my things on it such as Libraries and VST's, also compositions and project files (phewww!)


But I lost all my games and most of my FOOKING saves for Skyrim. DAMN......................


Oh well.... I'll guess I do need a break from games. Working hard on some new stuff! Section B is coming along, although I have not been working on it for the past few days, been away from home... I swear this is the first time in about a week I have been on my own computer without it fucking up....


Hopefully it's alright now! :)


Ordering another new CPU, PSU, GPU and a motherboard soon! AND maybe a new case ;) I actually wanted to plan to build my own case and everything, would be a great challenge and maybe a little fun experience :)



Also got into college for an I.T course! Happy about that after all this fucking around with other colleges and bailing on a music course, should be doing another music course next year. :)

Warframe - Damn

2014-02-10 10:13:06 by Bspendlove

Half way through an assassination mission on Warframe with a friend and BAM, internet cuts out... Now we have to do it all over again... IT IS FUCKING INSANE... One of the hardest mission, I wouldn't want to do it on my own .... :(



Also bought the HumbleBundle of the Civilizarion III, IV and V with 3 other games because of SoundChris mentioned the website and I thought i'd see what's on it....


I still haven't played it but I can't wait.



I also have most of my libraries back due to my being a twat and deleting them!


Also working major hard on Section B, can't wait til next month!





Hey, I didn't want to post this in the forums because some crazy mods might go mental over a little something but read:


I want to get my hands on a few people who have Zebra 2 and are interested in having a free bundle of patches I have been working on. I have been working here and there on the patches and would like some feedback and also if anyone wants a free bundle of this in return of either feedback or a demo. 


The bundle consist of 110 patches (and counting) as I work on more in the next few days, but I'll be stopping soon to sell it just for a few cash. I used to do a lot of this for free and I am now thinking I need to earn money as I have a bundle of people asking when I am going to release something else. 


It will be fairly cheap for the amount of work/time I have put into this but if you are looking around for a bundle of Cinematic patches including Rhythmic patches, Percussion patches, Sound FX and Tonal instruments then be sure to comment or message me here or at


I would like to re-state, YOU MUST HAVE ZEBRA 2 (to be specific any version of 2.5 or above). Please do not contact me for a position on getting a free pack if you don't plan to give decent feedback, give a demo or don't have Zebra.




I would also like to make plans in the future for the  new KONTAKT library I am working on Section B. I can work out either a fixed payment or a free copy of the library itself which will be selling at $50-$60 each unit. Not decided yet! ;)



Who ever reads this and is interested or knows anyone might be interested, please share this around because I know a lot of people don't look at my news (well I suppose they don't! xD)


Thank you,



Take a look at this:


I create some similar sounds myself, doing different but if anyone has heard those amazing hits in Hybrid Tools 2 or Project Alpha, this is worth checking out for sure.