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CentralComposers target

2014-01-25 10:09:35 by Bspendlove

Well, I thought this whole project would be a personal achievement for myself as a Composer/Sound Designer and I thought I would earn a tiny bit of money!


Looks like, I have almosted hit the milestone of $1,000! From Cinematic Rhythms!


Well, I hope to earn this much from Section B, and it would be a great feeling to achieve more fans based on the style of library I will be developing... I will try other things but for now, I am focusing on Section B and improving my skills as a Sound designer!



New song

2014-01-15 11:50:42 by Bspendlove


mega draft..... mega rough... no edit... in one take (well "takes".... because I recorded the layers straight after eachother.... 


This was only for the Piano (I was originally going to write this as a SATB).....


2014-01-13 14:13:24 by Bspendlove

I seriously love this fugue.... I have always wanted to learn it a while ago and just got onto getting the sheets and I started on it a while ago, but need to learn it all.....


Rough piano recording, all in 1 take... Some notes are a bit out of rhythm (not perfect... NEEDS to be!)

Yay! Soundcloud

2013-12-09 06:38:05 by Bspendlove

I set a target to meet people on Soundcloud and to share my music... I told myself to hit more than 1000 followers and I just noticed I hit just over it! I have achieved 1326 followers on Soundcloud at the moment, which I have talked to quite a lot and they are very nice!


Met some great people over Soundcloud, I even ("in theory") started to study Orchestration with someone online and he taught me and gave me loads of things to do xD But I got carried away with the 'Cinematic' full on type stuff but now I deleted all my libraries, I can now focus back on what got people interested in me. Either Classical or Piano.



I am still aiming to get my Grade VII (I think... or VIII) by the end of 2014 so I will be practicing a lot of piano! 


Started to study Mozart sonata's and I really enjoyed it, went back to my high school to study 'privately' after school time with an old music teacher which he is insane... xD





Yeah that's right.... I actually got an 'alright' trick down on camera while I was out with some guys yesterday, we went to Billericay (Local to me) by Bus and had a little skate there....


It's a 360 "shuv" whatever on a mini half pipe.... xD I don't like people recording me while skating but I am starting to get into it as I have been skating for 1 and a half years (ish I think)


But I still want to be a Composer/Music teacher when I am older... Not skater... xD I think I will be giving this up when I turn 18.... :(

Oooooh. :) I love cats...

2013-12-07 02:59:17 by Bspendlove

xD Cats are so cute right? My cat is exactly like this, found this on my partners laptop... 




Well, I have not composed for a long while personally, but here is what I am doing.

I have released a Kontakt Library called Cinematic Rhythms and it was quite a personal success to how many comments I got on it and how many copies I sold. I am in production of a new library which focuses on the Rhythmic aspect of CR so Its a follow up which will be good to have inaddition with Heavyocity, 8Dio, HybridTwo and Universal Sampling (What I got told, it made me so bloody happy)...

VERY Rough draft... This shows like 0.6% of the sounds in this new library.... I am also a bit rusty on composing as my Soundcard literally blew up and I have major latency problems, that is why I am having a break and focusing on getting my ABRSM VIII Piano grades for the moment.


-CentralComposers (-Brandon Spendlove)


P.S All sounds are created by Myself/CentralComposers. They are a few that will be in the new library I am working on. Note this is a bloody VERY ROUGH draft! xD

Wooo! Received my Synth Book!

2013-12-02 14:56:48 by Bspendlove

Ordered a book on programming your own Synth from scratch and they said it would be with me on boxing day, turns out it arrived earlier at my house, just had a look at it and the examples + Explanation's are brilliant!

Teaches you about how to create signals, complex waveforms, waveform tables, effects like reverb, delay, chorus, flangers, filters, mixing, panning, sequencers, midi sequencers, UI, Instrument design, patch design, specific synth instruments like Additive , Subtractive and FM, wavefile playback synths, matrix?... and further development... I am going to have a brilliant time learning all this and really look forward to it ;)

Kontakt Scripting: Reverb Script (Example 4 of mine)

2013-11-29 07:50:33 by Bspendlove

Here is another example with each parameter from the reverb FX in the 1st INSERT SLOT. Predelay, Size, Colour, Damping, Stereo, Dry and Wet....

Newgrounds: Download