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Starting Fresh

2013-11-15 15:51:32 by Bspendlove

I had a talk with my music teacher and I really had an in-depth talk on what I want to do...

I decided to delete all libraries I own from my computer.... And now I am starting fresh on a new bunch of projects as a Synth Programmer...

I am starting to develop my own Synth (a couple later on in the future) which will be released for free and then I will create a better project to release commerical if it does well...

I am willing to take on every possible outcome (good and bad) to what may come to me..

AND in the other time, I am practicing Piano + Orchestration/Sight Reading on a more daily basis...

Wooo! Back to what I used to do.... Practicing piano around 6 hours a day now.... Night times will be for the computer... Looking into programming and stuff.... I have some experience but I have a lot to learn!


P.S The only thing on my computer now, is Cubase + alicias keys (I need a nice piano library for future recordings on my piano ;) )))

New Library Project

2013-11-13 15:04:24 by Bspendlove

I decided to drop all projects and make another upcoming library similar to Cinematic Rhythms

But with more details, better loops, more categories, and more instrument patches + bigger in size!

I don't know what to call it yet so I am up for any suggestions (not names like shithead or fuckface... Because we all know that is stupid ;) ) haha...

The project I dropped is a specific category library aimed at Cinematic Rhythms. The Tonal loop category. The library I was developing was called 'Sound Tonal' and including many tonal loops + Sequences that are unique and more detailed than the ones in Cinematic Rhythms (You can find a picture of the interface I was designing below in a picture)

I might take a few months on this project as well (turns out CR took around 4-5 months).... So I will be busy!

I also got back in contact with my Music teacher as I am no longer studying music at college, hopefully will be having some private orchestration lessons/piano + also need to compose a Ballet piece for the Dancers and helping out around the school in the Music department hopefully!

I also went to a college today to play with a Jazz band and it was very fun! Although I suck at sight-reading, I still played a couple of the pieces which weren't too hard ;)


Have a great week!

Had a few people buy CR on the new store (Fastspring) so its all going well! Still in need of some better Demos...


New Library Project

Life in the past week

2013-11-12 05:34:51 by Bspendlove

I went for a test a week ago for a IT engineering course which went very well... Had to do some simple Maths, English and IT test which all went well, especially the maths... Never ever done a test without getting 1 question wrong xD

Last night I applied for a Music Technology course with an AS level in IT so it would be good if I could do that, I started to get into Music tech more than Music performance over the past few years...

Might apply for one more college and I really want to get into a IT engineering course, would be good to get some qualifications and maybe do a further study as an IT Technician

Had a great weekend, I got pissed with a few friends and we had a Lan party... I ended up spending almost £100 just on games between us so we could all play LAN... SERIOUSLY, if you want to play lan parties, please do not torrent your games... It TAKES FUCKInG FOREVER to play a lan party with torrented games, expect R6 las vegas 2... xD

Now, I have the Fastspring store up and running with the download received inside the customers email, just need to change my site to centralcomposers now. I don't have to manually accept each payment which is a big bonus (I had to with Cartloom)

And I guess now, I am working on a few more projects + 1 more library dedicated to a category in Cinematic Rhythms. Hopefully I can get a few more customers with Cinematic Rhythms...

Don't forget you can head to the CC facebook page for a chance to win a free download on Cinematic Rhythms! All you have to do is like the page, and like the status that everyone else has... (It's not that hard to see)

CC FB page

Or you could just like it because your nice ;)

Well, all good so far! Now I can start advertising this again and maybe earn a few more ;)

CentralComposers Products

2013-11-11 16:30:09 by Bspendlove

Just updated to a different store instead of Cartloom as I wanted some more features...

Signed up to Fastspring and they just got my store up and running for me! I just need to upload Cinematic Rhythms and I can start selling it again...

When I sold the software, people would have to download it from which really made me feel a bit un-professional as I want to customer to have complete access of the download straight away in a email link or somekind..

Now the Fastspring turns out cheaper in the longer run (instead of cartloom) + uses the Amazon S3 service for uploading/downloading which lets me upload a file up to 5gb (or more if I ask Fastspring)...

Now the downloads for products will not be split into parts, just 1 big download....

IF anyone would like to help me: COuld you visit this page:

And tell me if it works (and what country you are in) just to make sure it works in specific countries!

Dentist today! :(

2013-11-05 04:24:58 by Bspendlove

I am totally scared of Dentist and always was...

Hopefully though, I should be getting a tooth sorted out that always keeps me up to 5am the earliest...

It would be good to have a nice night of sleep before midnight, I hope this is just quick.... I am scared of 1) Drills and 2) Needles....

I am such a little pussy........

Only Russians...

2013-11-04 16:37:07 by Bspendlove

Crazy Bastards..... They all are.... I wouldn't mind being Russian... xD

Cinematic Rhythms Post #69

2013-11-03 00:35:41 by Bspendlove

Hahaha, see what I did above as the title? It should of caught your attention hopefully..... Now, I am the laziest Mother F**ker and this below is copied+pasted from what I posted on KVR in one of my threads.... About Cinematic Rhythms

note: this is not really the 69th post, if it were... I would be celebrating it in a better way.........

Just to make sure, the price of the full bundle is at $18 (£11.28 GBP to be exact)

The construction website allows the product to be purchased, although it will be soon.... Just having some 'problems' with setting my account up....

Website is here:

Individual Categories ($8 each or £5.01 GBP...)will release tomorrow or early Monday. Depending if I can get my lazy ass out of bed (and get a good night sleep) for the first time in 4 months... xD

Working on a update which allows the user to set the Loop start + end on the Waveform view (only for Patches that have the waveform view enabled)...

And also, I might replace the compressor for a delay, or just quickly add a Delay FX to be added to the FX menu drop down list...


Hope someone is interested, also if you have any questions feel free to email me at ->


-Brandon x

Just a quick reminder, I have a tiny, tiny! bundle of free Zebra 2 (2.5 version or above) presets for download on the 'free downloads' page. Hope you find use to any of them if you check them out.

I also had a couple of friends ask me to release another pack, so I am working on a simple freebie 100preset pack include a lot of Percussive looped design... So keep in tuned for that if you like free things!

(We all love a bit of free things)

Damn..... CR Post

2013-10-31 18:58:30 by Bspendlove


I have 1 person already privately order Cinematic Rhythms and they were proud of the little money they spent!

BLOODY HELL... I have another 3 customers wanting to buy it already yet I have said this library is still not ready for purchase as I don't actually have a bank account to sign with Amazon S3... So I made a appointment and I am going to get a bank account next tuesday!


I used to send over the library privately as it is 2.3gb and I need to quickly get this up so I can actually start selling it...

I feel if I don't do it, I might lose these customers...

Only 4 people, but its a start? I have not even advertised this library a lot.. Only on here, and others have only heard of this just randomly searching libraries on the web... :O WICKED!

-Brandon x

Cinematic Rhythms - Overview

2013-10-31 09:11:31 by Bspendlove

Here is a video I literally just done on a slight overview on the Cinematic Rhythms library for Kontakt 4...

In the video, I explain mainly about the library itself with categories and how they are split up, there are no sample sounds in this video as it is a overview on the layout of the library itself and a bit of information on how I made the samples and buying it...

Overview Video

There is some slight bleed in the audio so I am sorry... ;)

It is not too bad, hope you enjoy!

-Brandon x

I have not got onto editing a decent video yet, but I will get onto one where I will talk and explain a bit about each category and how they were created and some other info... etc...

Preview video (rough)

SO there is a little video showing very few instruments from each category... Remember there are 202 nki patches in the full bundle! And there will also be a PDF on the website with a table inside which shows how many NKI files pake up each category for anyone who is interested....