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Library in development - Cinematic Rhythms

2013-06-17 18:10:49 by Bspendlove

I started developing a couple of libraries a while ago and I have just got round with a partner to release one by the end of this year.

The library is called Cinematic Rhythms and includes 4 folders (each having many sub folders), Arps, Percussion loops, Percussion Hits and Instruments.

Arps include Bass and Melodic rhythmic action of sounds which includes around 100 instruments to choose from (all consisting around 2,000 samples)

Percussion loops are one of the strongest type in this library. Percussion loops from simple deep hits, to complicated rhythms which have all been recorded in a studio of my friends.

Percussion hits include deep hits, percussion kits, build ups and FX with the percussive area.

Instruments include some pianos, guitars, synths, pads etc....

The library will be around 6-8gb which will either be released through downloads (after you pay of course!) or you can order a 2 Disc edition if you do not have internet at home to download it.

This library will be release at £50 but the first month it will be half price.

I have saved up for a lot of libraries myself and spent £80 on each library and expect too much. Half of the libraries I see rip off people with selling their libraries over priced. (I know a lot of effort goes through a lot of libraries)

I actually made this library for myself so I can get my own unique sound especially with electronic sounds. Now I want to share it with others. I have had already around 40 people notice sounds in my composition which they have never heard and they are very interested.

I will be releasing a DEMO (I will take some instruments to give you a feel of it) to see.

I will be uploading a video of it soon on YouTube and post it on the forums, so if you are a guy/girl that like knowing every single library that is out on earth, keep your eyes open. :)


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2013-06-18 00:43:05

Cool, if you need help, hit me up.

Bspendlove responds:

Thanks, have you any experience with creating Kontakt Libraries?


2013-06-18 10:24:07

Yes, I have been converting Soundfonts to Kontakt formats.

Bspendlove responds:

How is your experience with sound design?


2013-06-19 00:40:00

I took a couple of courses in Berklee on audio engineering. Good enough.

Bspendlove responds:

Send me some samples either of 2 different percussion loops or 2 different arps if you want to help? I just need to see what kind of ideas you can come up with, do not worry about mixing them if you do. Thanks