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2013-06-22 19:49:34 by Bspendlove

I have been keeping on track with earning a bit of money from creating Kontakt libraries for the past year and have a couple that are developing.

I have started on a new library named Alternative Loops. This library includes only percussive loops for those producers in the style of Rock, Pop, RnB, Hip-Hop (You get where this is going)....

This is where the money comes in! These producers over the world that I have came across need percussive loops to use in there works. They want a realistic feeling from these real-time loops, which are recorded, mixed and then patched into Kontakt .nki files for them to add into there works.

A lot of loops are recorded and mixed the least amount to give the user the chance to use the special design interface to mix it themselves.

A couple of loops are also recorded through a couple of percussion samples we have recorded and made into libraries in the past.

We are looking for a partner to join in creating the loops. You will not need to mix them as we have a audio engineer which has worked with me for the past year and knows what I want.

You will not get paid up front..... YET. We will give you a small percentage when it starts to sell, including a full version of the library and credits to the loops you have created. The percentage will increase as the amount of work and loops you create.

The perfect candidate to work with us:

Any experience with Kontakt 5 Libraries (We would prefer it if you did!)

Experience with complex rhythms

Ability to work as a team and give/receive feedback

Experience with drums (You do not have to play them...)

To respect others opinions and not stuck up your own ass. ;)

If you have any experience (or similar) to the the above, please message me or email to show why you would be good to work with us.

We have other libraries that we are developing at this moment in time, if you are interested in any, ask me at or just message me.


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2013-06-29 06:36:23

you have excellent music

Bspendlove responds:


I never expected someone to comment on one of my blogs like this. haha, you made my day! Thank you so much, that means a lot to me!! :)


2013-06-30 04:17:36

The pothead below was right, you got some ear-blasting music.

About making loops, you should read the NG rules, I'm afraid NG musicians could not use your loops since they're gonna be flagged at duplos. Best, talk to BrokenDeck about this.

(Updated ) Bspendlove responds:

This library will be fully copyrighted with Kontakt and it states in the licences agreement that the one who owns the software is allowed to use it for 'commercial' or non commercial use.

Every sound is copyrighted to me and I have a 'water' mark on each sound for copyrights.

Loops are used in many libraries, for example, percussion loops or arps. I use a couple of arps from specific software? :O

AND thank you so much! that really means so much to me xD