CentralComposers: Cinematic Rhythms

2013-09-17 09:53:39 by Bspendlove

Well! The Kontakt Library is coming along finally at a good pace!

I have only created 60 different instruments so far at 450+ samples at 1.61gb!

I have been focusing on the Tonal Loops mainly for a while and now I am moving on to focusing on other categories!

So the main categories consists of 1 Tonal Loops, 2 Percussive Kits, 3 FX and Hits and 4 Instruments.

There are also Sub Categories in 3 of these Core Categories.

1 Tonal Loops

2 Percusive Kits

3 FX and Hits
-Build Ups

4 Instruments


My aim is to make this library include at least 250+ Instruments which will work up to around 4GB.

The good thing about this is it is not being released for download for the first couple of weeks. You can order it through Disc version.

Although I need to work out if people outside of UK want to buy it...

This installation is actually very easy and straight forward! We include setup.exe applications which will install all the contents for our library where you designate the installation path to.

The default is C:\ProgramFiles\CentralComposers\Cinematic Rhythms

The disc version is on a DVD which includes packaging and a little cutie manual. xD

If people have sampled a range of sounds instead of just a specific instrument then you would know why this library is being sold at £29.99. A lot of time has been put into this because I have had to travel around some places and I have actually found it fun finding places to record audio in.

I have created a selection of sounds in the FX category such as Booms, Metal hits, Hybrid Sounds, Smashes and general hits which have all been processed the shit out of.

I will update more later in the week! This is actually coming along very well and I have had a bundle of people wanting to buy it up on soundcloud so it is going all good!!


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2013-09-18 09:39:06

(o.O) 250+ Instruments!!!

That's awesome! I can't wait to see the result!

Bspendlove responds:

So far, only 80 done :)

I have expanded some of the sounds inside so here are the sounds that are included so far that I have done and I will most probably add more soon!

-Tonal Loops
-Percussive Loops (Sound Design and Hi Hat Loops, Not full on Cinematic Percussion loops... Cost too much to record)
-Hybrid FX
-Build Ups
-Reverse FX


Hopefully I will do a video on it soon :)