CR Update #3

2013-09-30 07:50:17 by Bspendlove

Ok I have posted a lot about my upcoming Library Cinematic Rhythms...

So here is another update! :)

Added another category/instrument patch which holds percussive loops. Not full on percussive ensembles but the Electronic type kits that you would hear in a cinematic composition - like Heavyocity Evolve/Hybrid Two Project Alpha...

122 instrument files now...

so far only 1.8gb (I think or bigger)

so its coming along even more :P

Next update will be some time next week.. :)


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2013-09-30 15:49:46

That's a lot of sound! Is this going to be a free download?

Bspendlove responds:

Thanks, and noooo way... xD I would personally love to but I actually want to earn some money from it as I have spent a lot to buy equipment and also spent some money on recording in a nearby studio for some sound design sounds to use in it...

Although I have researched a lot of libraries being pricey (Range from $100 all the way to $300) I decided to start selling at £40 BUT! for the first month, it will be half price for £20....

Not to mention, if I don't figure out how to sell this library online safely, I have planned selling this library as a boxed version... (I would love to find out how to sell it online at a decent price though... I have had trouble find the right cloud system to go with)


2013-10-01 04:05:14

Aw man, sad to hear it. Of course I understand your perspective for profit but I'm remarkably cheap and financially unstable. :P £20 seems like a reasonable price though. Can't think of any other places than Soundcloud and Bandcamp... maybe Amazon?

Bspendlove responds:

Yeah I was thinking Amazon, but the site I created on Wix allows a very friendly and easy to use online store but mainly for deliveries.. So I decided to go into research with designing some Disc to sell and I would personally love to sell my library on a disc, I would have to research more into sending it out of England and the price...

I actually decided to create this library and to sell it for a fair price because I really can't keep up with a lot of libraries out now... For example Hybrid Two Project Alpha is around 199$ (£134 I think)... I seriously would have to ask for that for a Birthday Present haha xD

So I basically wanted to create a fair amount of sounds similar to loads of libraries that have inspired me for people like me who can't afford to buy anything now days :(


2013-10-01 05:26:57

Problem is, people who can't afford to buy anything probably... can't afford to buy anything. ;) Great initiative though; good luck!

Bspendlove responds:

Yeah and that is where the problem with people uploading the library on websites for free, I will have to watch out for that :) Thanks so much :)