CR - Percussive Loops (Sound Design)

2013-10-02 09:01:31 by Bspendlove

I gathered a lot of sounds from the past month hoping to add to the Cinematic Rhythms and I thought I get some opinions...

Take a look at that link...

It shows 4 loops I have made from Samples I have captured and also creating electronic samples from scratch which was a bloody headache..

There will be much more than just 4 loops, (there is at the moment, I have made around 10 but planning on adding a whole NKI instrument for Percussive Loops like the ones in the link similar to Heavyocity Evolve and maybe a very novice version of Damage.. (Not as bloody epic though..)

Could these be useful to you? I personally think I would use these in my own compositions to say that I made them myself which is a big challenge making sounds like this... but how about you? Would you use them at all?...

Would love to hear!


CentralComposers Cinematic Rhythms


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2013-10-02 10:21:46

Sounds pretty nice! Personally, I would add some more lows to get that extra umph, but overall it sounds nice. I don't really have the means to use it in like a movie, but I can imagine it being a background track for some really cool scenes.

Bspendlove responds:

Yah! I was thinking a bit more low once I get around sitting down for a long time, I don't want to f**k up the audio because the low has to be perfect.... at specific points ... etc...