Cinematic Rhythms Update Log #2

2013-10-04 11:28:32 by Bspendlove

I couldn't wait to post the next update on Cinematic Rhythms Log so I decided to do it now because it is so exciting!

-I now have a fantastic composer I met the other day working with me to produce 3 demos showing this library for promotional/website/soundcloud.

I have literally not been sleeping right, I have been busy a lot with trying to create the most processed sounds I have ever worked with.

SO here it is!

I have been changing a lot with the categories and this decision is now final and is mentioned in the PDF:

There are 4 main Categories in total.

Alongside with 13 sub categories.

1 Tonal Loops
2 Percussive Kits
3 FX and Hits
4 Instruments

Tonal Loops:

3 Sub Categories

-Bonus Tonal Loops

Percussive Kits:

1 Sub Category

-Sound Design Percussive Loops

In this main folder, there are percussive instruments and also some of my best produce and processed Percussive Loops on the same level as HybridTwo - Project Alpha or Heavyocity Evolve..

FX and Hits

5 Categories

-Build Ups
-Hybrid FX


4 Sub Categories

-Synths and Pads

This is the final layout....

So far I have processed 156 Instrument Patches (NKI files) which is still growing and expecting to be over 220+

There will be a rough estimate of 1000 or less samples in the library.

The library is so far exceeding almost up to 2GB.. The plan was to roughly grow around 2GB but we decided to make a goal near 3GB worth of total Cinematic/Hybrid/Soundtrack scoring sounds for you...

It will still be going for £40....

I have decided the Half Price will only last 2 weeks... (Sorry but I have spent a lot of money on this project with recording studio time and equipment...)

There is a short update! -Brandon

p.s. More updates to come soon!


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2013-10-04 17:19:13

Do you want to put the guitar project on hold and wait until you finish with this one?

Bspendlove responds:

I have plenty of time (2 more months!) to work on this to make it right which is enough!

It is fine so record away! :)

I will start on the script in a couple of nights...

Message me about some ideas of the FX you personally would like on a Guitar library...

I would obviously script Reverb, Delay and Distortion (although the distortion in Kontakt is pretty shit but can be useful... and I will also get onto Trigger FX at C-1... Make sure you leave C-1 to G-1 free from samples)