UI Designing for library

2013-10-07 08:52:06 by Bspendlove

Sooo I am working on a project with someone!

(You may already know or don't... It is obvious if you look at previous post ;) )

But here it goes....

I have almost finished designing the 'rough' version of the UI in this library and god... After 62 different pictures of designing... around 25? (maybe less) Custom graphic scripts....

over 1k lines of script....

Less than 24 hours

(But 2 days I have worked on this... Around 8 hours in total so far with the design and the script...)

I have finally created a UI more powerful than I ever have... (My personal opinion...)

I found that I wanted to make a UI, which would hopefully make the user feel like they have more control than a normal UI interface with FX....

(I don't actually do any design.... I have literally started when I started making libraries so I am not the best person and drawing UI's ..... xD)

Hope you like the picture and buy/download it when it is finished!

--The final finishes will be editing some of the color to make the UI look more realistic... Shadows.... Lining up all the BACKGROUND ui perfectly with the script.... (as I said it is rough)....

Some of the colors are a bit to bright... (I want to change the EQ/Filter switch on/off to a less brighter red color...)


OK... I have now looked again and I think the EQ sliders look pretty horrible compared to the Delay sliders.... I will re-create the slider graphics later tonight and see how that goes :)

UI Designing for library


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2013-10-07 15:41:11

For only a day you did over 1k of LOCs? Wicked! Talking about looking professional... The only complain is you were heavily putting shadows on everything. I think some of the titles or words is fine without the back shadow.

Kudos to you!

Bspendlove responds:

Yeah man, :P

and I VERY STRONGLY agress with the shadows.. All of the layer style is basically the same, I will change it individually tomorrow night when I get back to my computer :)

I think I have a long way to go to make it look more 'Pro' style xD

Thanks :)


2013-10-08 11:29:40

Looks great! I agree with Elitistinen on the shadows, even the one within the text (maybe tone it down a bit?). Otherwise this is great. Nice work!

Bspendlove responds:

I got another picture to put up with the design, I have edited the text and also I decided to work again on the pedals on the 'pedal board'... I will be changing them a lot but I needed a new idea!

Thanks :)