Getting back into it :P

2013-10-08 11:37:17 by Bspendlove

Update with the not so fancy UI xD

I am trying and trying to improve my PS skills so be nice! xD

I got rid of the large amount of shadows and emboss behind most of the text which made it harder to read...

If you notice, I have got rid of all the pedals and started again with working around the distortion pedal (only because I personally think it was the best one I done)...

So I decided to keep it simple and use the same pedal just different colors (I still need to work on them...)

I have also changed the EQ sliders on the main page as I thought they were literally pure black, I am deciding to change the Volume/Pan/Knobs as I made them myself and they look pretty.... bad and weird looking...

More opinions? :)


ALSO I have added in a extra thing which makes it useful because their is not any numbers on the knobs....

So where you see it says 'FX level;... When you select the specific FX parameter, the amount will appear in there...

Getting back into it :P


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2013-10-08 11:48:59

And I just commented on the old design. :P Simplicity looks good, but the Pan, Tune & Pedal Board text still looks a bit shady. Nothing wrong with that, just feels like there's too much of it. All effects look great with a moderate dosage.

Bspendlove responds:

Yes you're right!

I did not change it yet because I really could not find the layer in PS, my eyes are playing up! I will get round onto that, I think the reverb and lofi need a bit of tweaking with the glow around it so thanks for saying :)

I would personally hire someone who does UI design but I am waiting to see if anyone buys that Cinematic Rhythms once it has been released, then I will focus on the whole aspect of "UI design is a main part of making a Kontakt Library" kind of way.




2013-10-08 12:02:49

Ah, I work a bit with UI design... in case you need help with future projects! :)

Not that it seems you'd need to hire a designer though. A few tips to make design easier: make a template with font types, sizes and colors to keep consistency if it's a larger project, keep it simple; use effects only when they enhance the layout.

Bspendlove responds:

Oooo Sounds interesting, I would love to contact you once I get onto another project with a bit of money involved! ;)

I would literally do anything to create a UI like 8Dio's Hybrid Tools, Heavyocitys Damage or HybridTwo's Project Alpha... Only because it really attracts customers when having a nice UI that stands out...

Thanks for the tips:)


2013-10-08 12:26:29

Sure thing, just let me know if you do. Looked up Damage and realized the top bar's the same... so I guess that's the parent program UI? I was thinking the top was almost too professional. :D

Bspendlove responds:

Hahaha xD

Yeah it is all in Kontakt itself...

I used the Kontakt scripter to input custom graphics etc...

I also have made a slight change to the Cinematic Rhythms INterface so check out a new post if you want to see :P