Attempted design.... CentralComposers

2013-10-10 18:42:53 by Bspendlove

I have a rough design of what I want the CentralComposers to 'look' like....

I mainly want to keep the shape (the whole Oval concept) but I just can't figure it out... I can't design for shit so it is really hard... xD

I will soon one day find the write design when I am just mucking around in Photoshop...

I tried a little with this to make it as simple as I can do on PS... With little detail as possible for a logo to stand out on Products/webpage etc...

Does anyone know what I am trying to get at?

I need to spend a couple of days when I just stick on PS and see what I can do :)

Also, I don't know why blue but I choose blue when I made the first logo... I want my old logo still but in a better shaped up 3D type effect... (I still need to find the right text! I want to use the text from my construction website at the top where it says 'CentralComposers'.... )))

Attempted design.... CentralComposers


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2013-10-11 15:22:55

You could add outline or shadows for the words, especially the 2nd line.

Bspendlove responds:

How about create a reflection with 'CentralComposers', a fairly shown one though, not too visible and I will drop a small shadow on the 2nd line, I might change the 2nd line but I don't really have a tagline for the company itself :(

How are the guitar samples coming along?

I wanted to start the UI over again, I need to upload a picture when I get home, I tried to not go crazy with the beginner graphics/design and tried to keep it simple but with a couple of custom graphics:)


2013-10-11 16:35:15

I think I gonna die from editing the samples. Plus like a dozen of FX I had to re-record. Almost done editing stuff, like 20 more to go.

Take your time, I totally have little or no idea how to do complex UI so I should mind my own part of the job XD

Bspendlove responds:

Hahhahah xD well goodluck with the editing!

We will have to do another project after this when you are free with another single instrument that will be easy to record/script...


2013-10-12 07:48:08

This is pretty good! Personally I'd go with a rounded rectangle instead, feels like the text's crammed into the oval, and there's more empty space above than below with the slogan added. Bit unclear text in the slogan too, maybe uppercase it? But maybe I'm just too picky. I like the font; background!

Bspendlove responds:

I was thinking it looked crammed in :(

The slogan text is sorted out in another picture I worked a bit longer on

I also decided to add 'Developed by Brandon Spendlove' in the empty space to get rid of it, but I noticed it might be a tiny bit to small (the oval) to fit it in without having to be very small and barley readable.. :(

Thanks :) :)