New Script/UI Design

2013-10-15 14:43:33 by Bspendlove


Here is a new work I have been working on...

I decided to really keep it simple and just use the same knobs for all the controls...

I decided to keep it very minimal and basic with the background itself, started to work on 7 different FX as followed:

Reverb, Distortion, EQ, Compressor, Delay, Skreamer and Chorus....

I little info box which brings up a little view of the credits (us)... pretty simple...

I am also thinking about a little box underneath (or if I stretch the FX box) to show the amount of the selected FX parameter (like Reverb size, or Reverb Colour etc...)

I will be adding a tiny bit more to make it look a tad better, also thinking about adding something in the middle along side where it is literally blank, maybe a name of the project? Think about it and email me ;)

I might also add a rare visible image in the boxes to make it more of a texture effect instead of a simple plain boring colour...

New Script/UI Design


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2013-10-17 06:27:01

Looks good! The rounded corners are different on all boxes though, would be good with consistency. Even if you have the same percentage it changes when they're stretched so that's always extra work.

Bspendlove responds:

Yeah I know what you mean, I will have the make the box on the left a bit smoother around the corners like the other two :)