Cinematic Rhythms Update Log #6

2013-10-30 10:05:57 by Bspendlove

Now, everything is finished...

I have sorted out a minor bug when sending over the library to others and when they load up the NKI files, every patch assumes the samples at my personal desktop, now I have figured it out!

I also deleted the feature of the modwheel controlling the instrument amp volume (because each patch you load would automatically be on 0, so you will have to move to mod wheel up all the time...)

You can auto assign any midi controller for any parameter in kontakt anyway.... so that makes it easier if you want the modwheel to control the cutoff filter or the reverb wet... etc...

Now, I just need to sort out my bank account for a Amazon S3 account (which is used for the download) and then a Cartloom membership (which can be paid with PayPal so that is easier...)

Once I have the product uploaded on Amazon, the website will be paid straight away as and the product will be released!

I am also working on a update which I will release once this library is released for the option to control the start/end of the loop in the waveform (on instruments that show the Waveform view/View Sample)...

And then! I have another product I am working on... No info released yet.... Will do once I get half way or near creating the library :P


(For anyone that does read... xD)

Brandon x


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2013-10-30 14:25:12

you have so many products working on. I just finish arranging all the sample. I cut off alot of crap so now it's just little over 2 GB.

Glad you're alive, because if you die in the storm, I don't know how to move on with this project.

Bspendlove responds:


I don't like doing nothing, so the more projects then the better I can sleep/not get bored...

Good with the samples, 2gb is perfect for all these samples, can't wait to receive them ;)

Started on a new script for a new library I mentioned in this, might have to send you a picture in email to get some feedback if you don't mind ;)

The Storm is gone now (I think)... Although the typical English winter air has now arrived, went out yesterday and god was it cold... Although I only had 2 jackets on +scarf/gloves... I never get cold, but I have a feeling December is going to be so bloody cold!