Damn..... CR Post

2013-10-31 18:58:30 by Bspendlove


I have 1 person already privately order Cinematic Rhythms and they were proud of the little money they spent!

BLOODY HELL... I have another 3 customers wanting to buy it already yet I have said this library is still not ready for purchase as I don't actually have a bank account to sign with Amazon S3... So I made a appointment and I am going to get a bank account next tuesday!


I used Mega.co.nz to send over the library privately as it is 2.3gb and I need to quickly get this up so I can actually start selling it...

I feel if I don't do it, I might lose these customers...

Only 4 people, but its a start? I have not even advertised this library a lot.. Only on here, and others have only heard of this just randomly searching libraries on the web... :O WICKED!

-Brandon x


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2013-10-31 21:03:29

Congrats :)

Bspendlove responds:

Thanks man :)

Hopefully this library will not delay from getting up on Amazon S3 to sell, it is all running good so far... :)


2013-11-02 06:24:12

One happy customer can turn into a ton of recommended ones! Congrats! How have you survived this far without a bank account though?! :O

Bspendlove responds:

I know right!

I have used paypal to store the money....

And to be honest, this little method is weird and maybe illegal...

I signed up to cartloom where I can have my own cart where people order the product, it also sends out a email for a link to the download which only allows 1 download/click and then it expires...

This is the 'smart' kinda thing...

After 30 days of a trial, you have to sign up for you checkout/page to work, although I have put in some paypal details but not any credit/debit card (visa or mastercard) BECAUSE! I don't have one... Although, it thinks I have paid and it is letting me use all the features... xD (Ooo Naughty!)

The download link takes you to a storage website (mega.co.nz) not the most professional way to do it, but it allows 50gb free storage straight away... (But limited to 200mb uploads) so I had to split the library in parts, but the customer already said he did not mind and it was easy to download...

I would rather get a bank though for 2 reasons...

1) I can get the money out of paypal straight away... I would rather store my cash in my room, rather than a bank/paypal in case anything happens...

2) I would rather use Amazons S3 service to deliver 1 full product at 2.3gb instead of making the customer download 8 parts (Although you have the option to actually download the folder as a zip which includes all 8 parts so that is very useful!)


2013-11-02 11:42:59

Looks like you found a loophole! :D I thought Mega didn't have any limits on upload size though, I haven't used it much but shortly after I signed up I uploaded a 477MB file... it's still there. Are you sure that's a limit? It may be a compatibility issue with your browser/OS since the upload process uses local memory in a different way from normal hosts. Don't remember exactly what the difference was but that's all written in their FAQ if you're interested.

True. Another benefit of having a bank account is that you won't have to pay all the service fees that PayPal has. They're actually quite expensive compared to other payment gateways but since they're so big people stick to them despite their high pricing.

(Updated ) Bspendlove responds:

xD Ooo, you know... I have not actually tried uploading anything bigger than 200bm only for reasons with dropbox + Mediafire... I will check it out soon... Would be so much easier to upload the library into 2 (1.2gb each) parts... Would save a lot of hassle...

Yeah, I made an appointment with a bank next week so hopefully should have it by the middle of this month, then I can get onto actually saying to customers when they email me: Yeah you can buy it now...

not : (It is not out yet....) xD


"We do not impose artificial file size limits other than your available cloud drive space"

Oooooohhh.... I think you can upload a file to any size, just not bigger than the storage you have left... I have something like 48 GB left.... THAT will do....

You know, this cloud storage seems very good to sell things on... It is free (which is a bonus).... and Cartloom lets me send links when they have paid for the product (so it will link to mega.co.nz)....

This seems a easier way to do it for now as I am just starting out... Maybe, if I get some more things out that start getting noticed, I will consider going with a more 'neater'? or well known cloud-storage like Amazon S3...

I never actually realized, I could just upload the library as 2 parts (or 1) on mega.co.nz to sell it...

I am pretty sure a customer would not mind downloading off this website? I will also have to make the link private, and the 'key' in the link is allowed to be used/downloaded once to prevent people copy+pasting the website url...


2013-11-02 13:54:55

Hehe, definitely. :) Well personally I love Mega, but they've had their skirmishes with the USA government (like getting their Mega.com name taken from them, and that whole MegaUpload thing... even though the government's really the one at fault IMHO) so I'm not sure everyone feels the same way. I'd hope they do though! It's one of my favorite file-hosting services. Not just because of the service, but because of what they stand for, freedom of Internet and all that jazz.

Btw, IE and FF have upload limitations on 2GB each. Chrome has 8GB. Might be good to know about!

Bspendlove responds:

I use Chrome... GET IN! Lucky for me then ;)