Dentist today! :(

2013-11-05 04:24:58 by Bspendlove

I am totally scared of Dentist and always was...

Hopefully though, I should be getting a tooth sorted out that always keeps me up to 5am the earliest...

It would be good to have a nice night of sleep before midnight, I hope this is just quick.... I am scared of 1) Drills and 2) Needles....

I am such a little pussy........


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2013-11-05 08:08:43

I'm 14, and i ain't scared one bit.

Bspendlove responds:

shit man, you tough man..

Wait until they pull your teeth out with a pair of pliers and start singing songs while you are sitting their in pain holding your mouth which is full of blood, then you will be scared..

You got it easy for now, it will come...


2013-11-05 10:06:14

oh shit man. yeah drilling hurts especially when they hit that one nerve witch the always do its like GOD LORD!! STOP DRILLING! yeah going to the dentist can be bad but you know whats worse? when your teeth turn into rotton snags that turn black. and trust me you dont want that anyways good luck :) -devastator-357-MAG

Bspendlove responds:

Yeah man, I got it done, it lasted literally 5 mins... I felt them hit the nerve and I just shut my eyes and thought it will be over in a minute xD

I guess I would rather go through that than having black teeth when I get older... xD

Thanks man :P


2013-11-05 10:39:30

Man I have that phobia too, at least the drill one, needles are OK. I skipped this years appointment, but I had a tooth fixed last year after waiting for way too long... I went to a dentist with lasers though, they don't sound that much, aren't as painful and just burn away the bacteria without scarring the teeth the same way a regular drill does... also it smells a bit like popcorn. Maybe that's an option? Ah, well you've been there already, but next time maybe!


2013-11-05 11:30:58

lol your welcome i knew someone who had teeth like that he got them pulled though. as a matter of fact i got a tooth drilled just about a month ago.


2013-11-05 15:03:08

Ready for 2 week of pains. I got a tooth pulled out when I was 21 and shit it hurt for almost half a month. You can't talk and eat properly for that amount of time.

That's why mommy used to told us, brush our teeth often... :)

Bspendlove responds:


Yeah, I don't brush my teeth every single day (1) I am lazy and 2) I never have the time/....)

But now after this pain I went through... I am brushing my teeth twice everyday without fail and flossing at least once a day before I go to bed..