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2013-11-11 16:30:09 by Bspendlove

Just updated to a different store instead of Cartloom as I wanted some more features...

Signed up to Fastspring and they just got my store up and running for me! I just need to upload Cinematic Rhythms and I can start selling it again...

When I sold the software, people would have to download it from mega.co.nz which really made me feel a bit un-professional as I want to customer to have complete access of the download straight away in a email link or somekind..

Now the Fastspring turns out cheaper in the longer run (instead of cartloom) + uses the Amazon S3 service for uploading/downloading which lets me upload a file up to 5gb (or more if I ask Fastspring)...

Now the downloads for products will not be split into parts, just 1 big download....

IF anyone would like to help me: COuld you visit this page:


And tell me if it works (and what country you are in) just to make sure it works in specific countries!


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2013-11-11 20:24:55

The pop up windows are kinda annoying. Look like it worked quite nice. There were some lagging though and I'm sure it was not my net.