Life in the past week

2013-11-12 05:34:51 by Bspendlove

I went for a test a week ago for a IT engineering course which went very well... Had to do some simple Maths, English and IT test which all went well, especially the maths... Never ever done a test without getting 1 question wrong xD

Last night I applied for a Music Technology course with an AS level in IT so it would be good if I could do that, I started to get into Music tech more than Music performance over the past few years...

Might apply for one more college and I really want to get into a IT engineering course, would be good to get some qualifications and maybe do a further study as an IT Technician

Had a great weekend, I got pissed with a few friends and we had a Lan party... I ended up spending almost £100 just on games between us so we could all play LAN... SERIOUSLY, if you want to play lan parties, please do not torrent your games... It TAKES FUCKInG FOREVER to play a lan party with torrented games, expect R6 las vegas 2... xD

Now, I have the Fastspring store up and running with the download received inside the customers email, just need to change my site to centralcomposers now. I don't have to manually accept each payment which is a big bonus (I had to with Cartloom)

And I guess now, I am working on a few more projects + 1 more library dedicated to a category in Cinematic Rhythms. Hopefully I can get a few more customers with Cinematic Rhythms...

Don't forget you can head to the CC facebook page for a chance to win a free download on Cinematic Rhythms! All you have to do is like the page, and like the status that everyone else has... (It's not that hard to see)

CC FB page

Or you could just like it because your nice ;)

Well, all good so far! Now I can start advertising this again and maybe earn a few more ;)


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