New Library Project

2013-11-13 15:04:24 by Bspendlove

I decided to drop all projects and make another upcoming library similar to Cinematic Rhythms

But with more details, better loops, more categories, and more instrument patches + bigger in size!

I don't know what to call it yet so I am up for any suggestions (not names like shithead or fuckface... Because we all know that is stupid ;) ) haha...

The project I dropped is a specific category library aimed at Cinematic Rhythms. The Tonal loop category. The library I was developing was called 'Sound Tonal' and including many tonal loops + Sequences that are unique and more detailed than the ones in Cinematic Rhythms (You can find a picture of the interface I was designing below in a picture)

I might take a few months on this project as well (turns out CR took around 4-5 months).... So I will be busy!

I also got back in contact with my Music teacher as I am no longer studying music at college, hopefully will be having some private orchestration lessons/piano + also need to compose a Ballet piece for the Dancers and helping out around the school in the Music department hopefully!

I also went to a college today to play with a Jazz band and it was very fun! Although I suck at sight-reading, I still played a couple of the pieces which weren't too hard ;)


Have a great week!

Had a few people buy CR on the new store (Fastspring) so its all going well! Still in need of some better Demos...


New Library Project


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2013-11-14 08:43:03

Looks good! The Central Composers logo blends right in on this one too.

Bspendlove responds:

Thanks man :)

I was planning on using this same UI for the project I am working on right now (upcoming library similar to CR)

Glad I got that logo slogan sorted ;) I did first have the logo in the middle where the Audio loop is but then thought of adding that :P

THanks :)