Starting Fresh

2013-11-15 15:51:32 by Bspendlove

I had a talk with my music teacher and I really had an in-depth talk on what I want to do...

I decided to delete all libraries I own from my computer.... And now I am starting fresh on a new bunch of projects as a Synth Programmer...

I am starting to develop my own Synth (a couple later on in the future) which will be released for free and then I will create a better project to release commerical if it does well...

I am willing to take on every possible outcome (good and bad) to what may come to me..

AND in the other time, I am practicing Piano + Orchestration/Sight Reading on a more daily basis...

Wooo! Back to what I used to do.... Practicing piano around 6 hours a day now.... Night times will be for the computer... Looking into programming and stuff.... I have some experience but I have a lot to learn!


P.S The only thing on my computer now, is Cubase + alicias keys (I need a nice piano library for future recordings on my piano ;) )))


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2013-11-15 19:18:56

What synth program did you use for the work? :)

Bspendlove responds:

Well I am looking at SynthEdit or SynthMaker... Look like great fun, want to get a good GUI in designing on top of a good Synth... I have seen so many good synths with a simple UI, I had a talk earlier with a couple of guys and they said I would really like it, so I am buying it tomorrow...

I was going to try and give it a go (the GUI) in C++ but.... yeah.... Fuckkkk that... xD


2013-11-16 04:36:55

Man that's a loooot of practice! I'm trying to fit in half an hour or song practice each day but I'm probably not motivated enough... good luck with that though!

(Updated ) Bspendlove responds:

Ahaha, Yeah I know, I had learn't so much when I started learning Classical as I practiced a lot and now I feel like I am at the same level as I was a year ago.... xD Thanks so much man for the support ;)
Means a lot