New Kontakt Library now announced for further development - Section B

2013-11-23 17:02:06 by Bspendlove


So up on Cinematic Rhythms, I thought like 2 people would buy it, it turn't out better than I expected... So I am developing a new library which is called "Section B".

After a couple of re-attempts on getting a decent GUI, I finally decided to Contact someone on KVR to help me with the script, I needed some kind of Sequencer, just a simple one... For my 2nd library!

I was thinking to myself... Why don't I just spend time learning how to? I have researched everything I know with KSP Scripting so I thought I would... and that is what I have been doing recently.

I will explain more on the library later near release...

BUT the picture on this News post is the GUI of Section B

You can see 2 interfaces in the picture. These are options on the MAIN GUI. You can select to see the Audio View or the Sequencer.

There are some basic, EQ fxs on the left and some FX + fx menu on the right (including Filters, Distortion, Delay, Reverb, Phaser, Compressor etc...)

The audio loop gives you a rough idea of the volume in the sample + the stereo field (panning.. Left, Right etc...)

This simple sequencer has already made me have far more fun than the original default patches I have made so far! It is only a simple Velocity/Volume Step Sequencer but it can be useful!

It allows the option of how many steps you want: 1-16 and on the right you can see a little menu. This menu allows the speed/length of the notes of either:

1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 + Triplets of each length...

Tell me what you guys think? ;)

New Kontakt Library now announced for further development - Section B


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