Cleaned up the GUI a bit - You'll notice!

2014-05-11 14:37:53 by Bspendlove

Well, after trying to find the project PSD file to neating the GUI up a bit, I just had to re-create the GUI from scratch and I think I did a half-decent job to making it look extremely similar. The only files I could get my hands on were the Font's and CentralComposers text... That saved a LOT of time. Look at the different:




NEW and cleaned GUI (I mean clean because it's neater...)



And now, one of the hardest parts... I want to clean up the default knob in our GUI :


I don't like that white outline... :( Hopefully I can find the Knobman file to edit the knob... If not then I'll just completely re-design it.


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2014-05-11 16:16:28

Is the knob simply one PNG file which rotates itself or is it a string of images similar to how FL handles it compared to Kontakt?

Bspendlove responds:

The knob I created was a single PNG file which rotates itself, sometimes making the shape/reflection looking awful, I only done this before because I lost the original PNG file with 101 different animations (similar to what you are mentioning I think)

but when I re-do the knob, I'll do it properly : It looks 10x better ;)