Future upgrade for PC

2014-06-12 12:19:33 by Bspendlove

So, finally bought a new tempory GPU (the Sapphire HD 7850 2GB Dual X OC edition) which performs well for only £95!

Ordered a new case as my current one has extremely shit airflow, the Corsair 230T (basically a little budget build I am doing)...

The 230T is ideal for myself using 5 fans with the NZXT Sentry Fan controller, the Corsair H80i CPU Cooler with dual Cosair SP120 fans, finally buying 2 Kingston 120gb SSD for games and another hard drive for the shit I seem to take up on my 2, 1TB HD's xD


Asrock Mod 1150 ZX97 Killer with the Intel i5 4670K (which I'll be upgrading to the 4790K when it comes out!)... I'll maybe get a new case mid 2015, to add a H100i onto the CPU and clock it to 4.2ghz but I'll be fine for stock speeds. RAM is all sorted as I have decent RAM anyway, all I'll need to save for is either the R9 280X or I might get myself a EVGA GTX780ti, and in the future upgrade to the 800 series when they finally come out.


Don't forget as Broadwell CPU's are coming in 2015, they may introduce DDR4 RAM so I may have to look into a new mobo and CPU. At least the Devil Canyon CPU's will be compatible with the Z97 (and Z87) series of Mobo's....


And along with that 780ti, I'll look into a better PSU than my CX600M, I'll look at least for a 800w Gold, preferable modular.... I CAN'T wait... xD


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