Finally, DNS and Active Directory is sorted... urghhh

2015-03-25 18:09:34 by Bspendlove

Well, as I've been studying Networking/Administration at my college for the past couple of months, I went ahead and decided to check on creating a small environment with a few Virtual machines and connect them all to a domain controller.


Server and Domain controller was easy,


then using Hyper-V to create a few VM's and tried 3 in Windows 7 and another 3 in Windows 8 to see how they differ.


Quickly making the IP addresses static was a quick and easy job but I got stuck on the DNS server, when connecting the VM's to the Domain controller, I didn't have a clue...


I knew the account was created in Active Directory and also the computer names, but turns out I used a different DNS address for each VM which they were all meant to match the actual domain controller and then once they're connected, I can go ahead and change them...


Although it wasn't much to solve, I bloody had a headache for a few hours, I'm now looking around and checking out the group policies locally for standard Users, basic things like hiding the C driver so a user wouldn't delete their operating system or something stupid like that...



My next goal is to set up a secure way of remoting into my computer from my college (SECURELY! it's all about the security!), I'm guessing a VPN would have to be set up to connect to my DC through the internet, I could cheat and use something basic like LogMeIn but I want a challenge! 


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