Vroom vroom

2016-06-03 04:43:51 by Bspendlove






It is only a 125cc LOL... Nothing too special, but I'm going to get a Blackwidow exhaust, a new set of bolts for the whole bike (Red), get the rims change to red, red clutch/brake levers, maybe some red footpegs, red chain and maybe a seat cowl (black with red outline)..... Yeah I like black/red.....

and that is what I've been doing the past few months.... Saving and Crying until I could afford this on my low wage apprenticeship...... Although all is going well so far, I got the CompTIA A+ out of the way which was not my cup of tea. Very boring and not interesting but I should be doing by Networking and Server from Microsoft before the end of this year, then my Network+, Security+, CCENT (maybe do CCNA in 2018).

I am currently doing a few private exams away from college. The 70-680 Windows 7 which is quite plain but similar to the Microsoft Operating Systems I done a few years back. Just mainly about deployment of Windows and configuration for Networking + Policies...


I've been studying some of the CCENT/CCNA content and it is defintely my cup of tea. I clicked a few weeks back with CIDR Notation for IPv4 and IPv6, Routing Protocols and been practicing on a couple of Cisco Routers/Switches I bought... Just generally getting my head around all the cool details the Cisco books contain compared to Microsoft + CompTIA... My favorite part so far has to be the subnetting section...



We have a project to work on soon upgrade a schools network infrastructure, then hopefully that job will get us 3 more schools in the area. So yeah.... Awesome stuff


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2016-06-03 04:47:18

Noice bike, lemme take a ride
*Takes for a spin, crashes into the L. A. River

Bspendlove responds:

Damn Americans, allowed to ride a 600cc before they turn 21... :(


2016-06-03 05:02:20

@Bspendlove Actually, i'm 23 and soon will be 24

Bspendlove responds:

I mean, you guys are allowed to ride like a 1000cc before you are 21?


2016-06-03 05:31:30

Nice bike man !
Don't forget to wear a helmet (º- º ) b

Bspendlove responds:

Thanks :D

Of course! In England, it is the only legal requirement but I try to wear the full gear all the time


2016-06-03 06:24:11

@Bspendlove uhhh.... no, you must pass the training and get a license to ride a bike

Bspendlove responds:

I should of been more clear! We have a minimum age limit to get our full unrestricted bike license... To gain my license to drive maximum of a 600cc I have to be 21 which sucks.. Then have to wait til I am 24 to drive anything over a 600cc

Urghh it sucks


2016-06-03 11:06:21

@Bspendlove Yes, even in US you have to be older then 21 years old to learn to ride a bike, cause of the safety issues

Bspendlove responds:

Damn, I've watched a few videos of 19-20 year old's riding 600+cc in America on Youtube so it made me a bit confused


2016-06-28 14:59:56

I'm working on my A+ now. I got the 901, taking the 902 soon.

Bspendlove responds:

Awesome! Will you be taking your Net+ or any other CompTIA certificate after? I'm looking to do my Security+ with my Net+ because my boss wants me to get it before I do my ccna although I'm almost through the ccna book twice!

It is all interesting stuff in the Net+ but some subjects can be quite boring (nothing like the A+! haha). How are you finding the A+, I felt like pulling out my hair after a few weeks because it was all plain and boring


2016-07-31 12:56:31

I bought a bundle from groupon that had A+, Net+ and Security+. I'll take them all as soon as I can. I'm going to take the 902 next weekend and start looking for a job. Depending on how much free time I have, and hopefully what my future employer wants, I'll take the N+ and S+ pretty soon after.

Bspendlove responds:

Nice, good luck with the 902 and looking for the new job!