Entry #100


2016-06-10 07:28:13 by Bspendlove

So, I finally booked an exam a few days ago (70-680) for today and passed it just to get the Microsoft Certified Professional (insteading of waiting until next year with college) and plan to get MCSA most probably in Server 2012 by next year.

I should be doing Net+, Security+ and then CCNA (Maybe CCENT for next year then CCNA after) along with the MCSA then maybe set myself a target to hit MCSE for 2018 in Server Infrastructure...


All is coming along slowly.....


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2016-06-10 09:45:15

Awesome, good luck sir.

I did take the MCITP (before it was replaced) for WinSrv08 and sadly failed it back when I was 18, I wasn't quite up-to-scratch on my Powershell as I had hoped. Something to note though, Microsoft with their examination tend to be slightly different to what's offered in most training/study material, so I would strongly recommend that you are 100% confident in your chosen area before you sit your exam (as far as I am aware, you still need to get 80% correct to pass).

I'll probably be restudying and going towards qualification, lost likely an MCSA for Win Srv2012 and I'm also looking towards getting a LFCS (Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator) qualification in the next couple of years as well as going down the Linux Sysadmin route is something I'm definitely keen on doing at some point.

Bspendlove responds:

Thanks mate, good luck to you too if you do go take the MCSA.

I would like to do it by the end of this year but I doing it in college next year, so it would be a waste of money for the resources and exams so I'll be patient. ;) I am feeling strongly about going down the MCSE route for server infrastructure after I achieve the 2012 because it really attracts my attention

I've also been told to do a basic linux cert like Linux+ with CompTIA if I do my Security+ but I'm honestly not interested in Linux at this point in life with other studies, don't want to get carried away with multiple things to study for... xD