Entry #101

New things for ze bike

2016-08-03 06:17:01 by Bspendlove

I had the full exhaust system for a bit now, and the new levers for a few weeks but it is coming along slowly for that black/red theme.





I've actually got some red bolts coming in to replace the stock ones on the engine and fairing, then I need to get the decals off the fairing/tank with a heatgun or hairdryer might do. New stickers are what the bike below has, which really looks better than black/grey side fairings.




Stuff is going all good so far, although I think I'll be on my next bike next year for sure. Either to stick with a CBR and get a CBR300 or get a Ninja 300 2016. So far my eyes are set on the Ninja for now...


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2016-08-03 08:17:32

Oooo, niiiiiice. :D Do you take part in biking events as well?

Bspendlove responds:

Thanks :) Not yet, I have bumped into an event up Southend and just rode around but I would rather take my partner on the back when I want to go as I am more sociable with someone I know alongside with me haha


2016-08-04 05:02:45


Two of my closest friends are bike aficionados and I wonder if you might meet them one day...