Entry #103

Projects to be planned

2016-08-21 14:56:21 by Bspendlove

I want to take my eyes from games and such to begin a new series of projects in the future, including getting back into creating a Kontakt library.


I've been a lazy ass since my other release Section B and I've been an idiot to others in the process. I actually want to revive an old project of mine "Central Synthesis" which really was a challenge to program in the kontakt interface since I wanted more control over a simple sound to manipulate as much as possible so it would be a complete new interface inside the Kontakt interface itself but many limitations were popping up here and there.


This was the original interface and as you could see, I was never good at graphical work but this was a basic concept of the synthesis project that I actually wanted to create a VST from scratch.


So I am thinking about releasing a few free libraries such as Sound FX, Rhythmic Loops (again!) and maybe some test libraries to see feedback from others...




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