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Networking/Server blog

2016-10-16 20:01:33 by Bspendlove

I thought I would post if anyone came across and wanted to take a look at a blog based around Networking/Server aspects in the good 'ol computer world.


I was asked to create a basic blog around CIDR and subnetting which I still need to make a few more posts, but here  is a small post on VLSM/CIDR and a small mumble around classful/classless addressing:

'Understanding the 'jist' of CIDR / VLSM'

A little blog on the basics of creating VLAN's using sub-interfaces which a friend asked me to touch lightly

VLAN configuration with Layer 3 (using sub-interfaces)

I also posted how to setup OneDrive for buisness as a simple group policy to mimic a network drive on a group, it was actually quite a tough project to setup and since I could not find any good sources on the internet that actually work in 2016 LOL. A very smart guy over at linustechtips helped me out and I can't thank him enough

OneDrive group policy deployment

I am writing a new post around a very basic understanding on VLSM subnetting and the difference between fixed subnet masks and variable subnet masks. I'll be explaining a few basics from configuration and even going through the process of subnetting 2 networks. 1 as FLSM and the other using VLSM with RIPv2




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2016-10-19 00:18:29

good tutorial, thanks.

Bspendlove responds:

Thanks for reading mate :)

I am always open to ideas for blogs I should create, should be doing a few blogs on configuring RIP and OSPF since they are incredible easy to set up the bare basics.