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ICND2 (CCNA) in 2 days

2017-02-14 05:09:38 by Bspendlove

Well, this place seems to let me dump a few things without personal friends finding via reddit/LTT/fbook haha..


I've had my last exam for my CCNA booked for thursday! I aced ICND1 and it was a good introduction to how cisco exams are compared to microsoft/comptia. I've literally fell in love with everything I learn throughout studies and hands on experience and my plan is to defintely go for CCIE R&S (and maybe branch off into other CCNA/CCNP topics)...

I have spent a lot of time with my studies so far and I really can't wait to move onto the CCNP content although I think I would be required to move along in my career to take advantage of future qualifications and to enjoy what I really love. I do a lot of server administrator and I'm responsible for setting up backup systems which I really do enjoy although my heart lies in more networking orientated roles.


The labs I am hoping that will be on th exam are of course, EIGRP and OSPF but also would be nice to see IPv6 and IPv4 access lists. I am brushing up on QoS and SDN since these really are my weakest topics but I bloody do enjoy reading about SDN... Well... I'll post if I pass and if not... then I'll be crying for a week until I'll pass it the following week but.... motivation! I'm going to pass... wooo! (hope so....) haha


16-02-2016 EDIT: I done it! Officially a CCNA R&S! My CCNP studies are to come next but I will have a small break first


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