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What a bunch of low-lifes that have no sense of humor.... OH MY FOOKING GOD. It made me laugh so much, I love things like this! That was just great that something like this can make people laugh. (well me anyway!) xD

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I actually wrote a song around 3 years about fairies using a similar progression. I really enjoy these chromatic type progressions where the bass note just falls down chromatically for the first few chords.

Similar to what Troisnyx said, these chords really can sometimes show how the composer approaches with note choosing. With the melody too, I also feel like you could top off with not just some original sound for the melody but more of a heavy/medium vibrato synth playing on top.

0:18 I would of carried on that progressive change since I thought you was starting to go with the typical circle of 4ths back to the original but that is just what I would of done haha. Just a few more details here and there and you could remove the fact that you say 'simple' although the concept will be.

Well done

GundamBlunt responds:

Thanks for the review and kind words. This was just a test I did while figuring out how to get Komplete 10 and Komplete Kontrol to work in Ableton and ended up liking it enough to export in hope that someone might want to use it for menu music or something, haha.

I never really planned to go back to it but I might just take your advice and add a few details in the future when I am a little bit more comfortable with Ableton. If I do (more like when I do) I'll be sure to let you know.

Thanks again.

I love you

I'm not great at reviews so I'll just say whatever comes to my mind? xD

I could instantly hear a Piano/Guitar duet, or even just a Piano version...

Very interesting for a first guitar piece, the quality of the patches are good.

I was playing The Last of Us for the first time the other day, and I was hearing around "The music is fantastic, it's like the best soundtrack..", I never checked it out until I played it, and this composition of yours really reminds me of it. I think It has that hint of style you hear in that theme soundtrack. In the back of my head, it seems it doesn't sound anything like The Last of Us.

As you said it's not quite finished, what could be interesting to the realism, you could maybe add a tiny bit of fret noise on specific parts?

0:15 :

Interesting when it comes to here, love the melody... I could imagine a low volume percussive effect with the acoustic guitar on the body or some kind of effect from the Guitar itself (of course you could record a real guitar!).

I don't know what to say, but after about 30 mins... You made me want to play piano for some odd reason, so I recorded something and put it up on that Facebook group! xD

I really enjoyed it, and can't wait to hear a final version of the guitar version.

Great job! -Brandon

AshleyAlyse responds:

I first made this song as a piano piece, but I'm still working with it. I'm for sure gonna pump out a piano version of this song. :) A guitar and piano duet might be nice though... :O I have a harp version of this song that I'm also working on and so far, I like it the best out of all the versions, hehe.

I've never played The Last of Us before. I'll have to take a listen to it and see what you mean by the similarity. :)

Thank you so much for the review, Brandon! I'll have to try out a few of the things you suggested! Really appreciate the time you took to write this review. (I think you review really well, silly!) ;)

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