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Chrombus loop Chrombus loop

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I actually wrote a song around 3 years about fairies using a similar progression. I really enjoy these chromatic type progressions where the bass note just falls down chromatically for the first few chords.

Similar to what Troisnyx said, these chords really can sometimes show how the composer approaches with note choosing. With the melody too, I also feel like you could top off with not just some original sound for the melody but more of a heavy/medium vibrato synth playing on top.

0:18 I would of carried on that progressive change since I thought you was starting to go with the typical circle of 4ths back to the original but that is just what I would of done haha. Just a few more details here and there and you could remove the fact that you say 'simple' although the concept will be.

Well done

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GundamBlunt responds:

Thanks for the review and kind words. This was just a test I did while figuring out how to get Komplete 10 and Komplete Kontrol to work in Ableton and ended up liking it enough to export in hope that someone might want to use it for menu music or something, haha.

I never really planned to go back to it but I might just take your advice and add a few details in the future when I am a little bit more comfortable with Ableton. If I do (more like when I do) I'll be sure to let you know.

Thanks again.

1 star this bitch 1 star this bitch

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love you

Green Flamingo Green Flamingo

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I keep telling you I'll get some time to write on some post of yours, but I don't come on Newgrounds much often.

I always got hooked when I found you, and instantly become 1 of my 2 favourite on Newgrounds.

The amount of help you share with not only me, but the community is very kind of you, and I really still can't thank you from the talks with Jazz and performing piano which made me play it more :P

I need to find more time to comment about all those compositions you've showed me and I said I'd leave a comment on! I always enjoy what you share and to hear how well you are doing, all the best luck in the Audio course! :P

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SoundChris responds:

Man really there is no reason to thank me :D I am always interested in music, talking about piano, jazz and non music stuff and also always try to help if i can! Btw are you stil training the dohnanyi piano stuff? To be honest - after a while they became really to extreme for me and my hands were hurding incredibly. There are people who really destroyed their sinews with this stuff .. nevertheless these are icredibly helpful for getting better ...

Thanks for the good wishes! Same back to you :)

ARMA 3: Resist - Intro 3 ARMA 3: Resist - Intro 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I got really scared as you had changed your name, I thought I recognized the title, I thought someone had stolen your music!

As always: Great Rhythmic variations and nice samples. You've got a great mind with rhythms and how each part goes with each other.

I really don't think you should add choirs. It's my opinion: but I think if you work more around the strings, I think it could go perfectly without a choir.

1:33 - Great pattern, the second time it repeats (4th bar), I think high violins quick accents should play the same an octave above, or maybe in the future and introduce this same pattern again.

Brilliant work! :)

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KatMaestro responds:

Thank you for the advice :)

Fire's Brilliance Fire's Brilliance

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm not great at reviews so I'll just say whatever comes to my mind? xD

I could instantly hear a Piano/Guitar duet, or even just a Piano version...

Very interesting for a first guitar piece, the quality of the patches are good.

I was playing The Last of Us for the first time the other day, and I was hearing around "The music is fantastic, it's like the best soundtrack..", I never checked it out until I played it, and this composition of yours really reminds me of it. I think It has that hint of style you hear in that theme soundtrack. In the back of my head, it seems it doesn't sound anything like The Last of Us.

As you said it's not quite finished, what could be interesting to the realism, you could maybe add a tiny bit of fret noise on specific parts?

0:15 :

Interesting when it comes to here, love the melody... I could imagine a low volume percussive effect with the acoustic guitar on the body or some kind of effect from the Guitar itself (of course you could record a real guitar!).

I don't know what to say, but after about 30 mins... You made me want to play piano for some odd reason, so I recorded something and put it up on that Facebook group! xD

I really enjoyed it, and can't wait to hear a final version of the guitar version.

Great job! -Brandon

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AshleyAlyse responds:

I first made this song as a piano piece, but I'm still working with it. I'm for sure gonna pump out a piano version of this song. :) A guitar and piano duet might be nice though... :O I have a harp version of this song that I'm also working on and so far, I like it the best out of all the versions, hehe.

I've never played The Last of Us before. I'll have to take a listen to it and see what you mean by the similarity. :)

Thank you so much for the review, Brandon! I'll have to try out a few of the things you suggested! Really appreciate the time you took to write this review. (I think you review really well, silly!) ;)

The Sorcerers Path The Sorcerers Path

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I said I would spend time to tell you how much I liked this.

Instantly, the detail from the start to 15. You used the choir in a brilliant way, and also the solo voice, was it recorded? I don't think I asked. (The part where she says something, reminded me of "nVidia" when you are waiting for a game to load up.. xD)

You are literally the 1 (out of 2 I think... haha) who really impress me with how you Orchestrate so well and get a fantastic sound from the libraries you are using. Not only you have an amazing set of libraries, it sounds like you really can use them.

0:31 : That chord with the choir just fits so well, at first I thought.. WHAT?!?! and then listened again and it wasn't some boring dull chord, it really stands out.

The little woodwind that stands out right after is great! Really separates all the other instruments, as I tend to never use woodwinds in a detailed way in any piece.

0:40 I don't have a clue why, but I imagined Star Wars : Episode 1 when the droids are marching to Nabboo. I can't get over it, how can no one love them kind of phrases with the Low strings? I always want to make something like that, but I tend to never know how to get into something like it. I never have trouble making little themes like that, but only if it starts like it.

The piano at 0:42 is awesome, just a little small detail like that really makes me interested in what's coming up ;)

After that, it really reminds me of Starwars KOTOR 2 (really dark). I have been playing that game for a bit recently, and it has to be my favorite soundtrack to listen to when doing anything.

0:52 - I've already told you, I LOVE THAT CHANGE... Anyone who does a change like that, I would like... But to make it that detailed... You're awesome, it just makes me want to study the KOTOR 2 soundtrack.

0:54 - Woodwinds!?!?! Great detail, I think the High woodwinds fit this part, if you used the lower woodwinds, if could not of been better. Great idea ;)

1:04... It's like that change again, just perfect the way you deliver it.

and then, it starts to remind me of a theme I heard in the MMORP Runescape. I used to love that when I was a kid. xD Brings back some memories.

I personally love your string writing, it's really interesting for me (who doesn't know that much on Orchestration) xD

I just enjoyed everything... I can't say too much, otherwise I'll end up repeating myself.. It's just a fantastic composition you have wrote, and it really inspires me as a composer to keep studying.

I really loved listening to it, If plays on the same page counted, you would of had an extra 50+.. xD

As I said on Skype, I can't wait to hear the rest of the project.


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SoundChris responds:

OMG !!! Thats the most epic review i ever got. Thanks so much - speechless!

Within the first 15 seconds i have used the elven voices (shevannai), no live recordings. These are very cool because their legato sounds quite natural. Just the articulations were strange to do - thats why they are quite rudimentary. Also the whistles are part of this library. You can connect a pool of words to a sentence and it sounds very mystic.

I dont know if my orchestration was that good. I just composed the main melody and added more and more instruments to get a good balance between the brass / strings / woods / perc. I would prefer to have a real score of this in notation because i always have big problems to keep the control / overview over the orchestration and structure in a daw. In the future i will try to use sibelius more before finetuning in logic later ... hope this will work.

I inserted the flute runs because the higher part of the frequency spectrum was to empty. Piccolo flutes / winds in general are always a good way to fix this issue.

Concerning the chord at 0:31 : i still dont know if i like it haha :D In general i like this chord, but the way i used here in the choir is a little bit strange ... i will need a few days to get more distance to the piece. Before that its always difficult to be objective concerning your own pieces.

The passage beginning 0:40 has got a quite simple ostinato pattern in the double basses. I just love this sound and it feels powerful. Its not hard to achieve this effect. Staccato on the bow + high velovity, less reverb (or its getting muddy), and play the basic rhythmic notes also one octave higher. This brings in more energy and a broader sound.

The instrument at 0:42 was a harp. Yes i know its much too loud. But i liked the sound so much that i just have chosen a much to loud volume - not realistic, but i thought it just fits to the character of the piece.

I inserted the woodwinds in the later passages because the balance was not good. Because of the double basses and percussion there was much stuff panned on the right side. I used the woods to get correct this balance issue a little bit. Its hard to pan the celli and doublebasses realistically to the left because the track sounds much louder on the left then. Maybe in future pieces i will bring them more to the center. Unrealistic or not - i think its just better for the final balance and the overall sound.

Btw - i will listen to kotor again. I know this soundtrack was awesome, but now you have told me so much about it i just wanna know more :D

Thanks so much man for leaving your thoughts here. Thats definitely the most epic review i ever recieved!

Your friend Chris

Grinner Theme Grinner Theme

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Once I found you on here, I could not stop listening to the first song your posted....

Your composition skill.... is just fantastic and by far my favorite I have listened to on Newgrounds...

I don't get much time to comment on a lot of songs on Newgrounds on my favorite composers/artist, but I can assure you I am so looking forward to more from you man! xD

Great job! :)

Benmode responds:

Woah! Thanks, that's insanely kind of you :) I better get to work on some more stuff then haha.
Did you see the animation I made this for? You should be able to find it through my profile. Tis just a short silly weird thing.

Larry: On Being Born Larry: On Being Born

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great voice acting! Straight away I liked it! Went really well with what you are telling...

At the start, Larry... I instantly thought of 'Of Mice and Men' and I hated that story... I studied it in English and it was horrible back in the days.

Although, it changed, I really enjoyed it... As someone said, I found some bits funny so I liked it a bit more ;)

I think you are talking a 'tad!' to fast, I know you gave a link to the Text, but I want to hear it. I don't like reading a story that is being told otherwise I don't have to think about the story itself, it is just in TEXT from my eyes, I find it more interesting listening too.

Great consistency with the voices/narrator. Was this one whole take?

Really enjoyed it man!

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elreybon responds:

Thanks! I didn't include a link to the text because after recording this I realized that it is much better aloud, I think the vocal quality of the narrator adds to the story. This was actually about 50 takes in sound forge spliced together and layered in acid, and it's a tad to fast because I was a little to aggressive in taking the 'space' out. I got the same comment from a friend so I'm currently going through and adding 'space' to give it a more natural pace.

Thanks for your feedback!

Sand Falls Onto Disk Sand Falls Onto Disk

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Two blondes fall into a dark hole, one says "Its quite dark in here isn't it?"

The other replies: "I don't know, I can't see".......

Well! Off to the composition xD

The start....

Very chill, straight away when the guitar started, I could tell... Very relaxing... To me,very spacey feeling, riding on a little rocket, maybe on something... Seeing loads of colours... Sounds like a cool feeling (in my head)

I would recommend adding another instrument for that detail or to fill in the blank parts when the guitar/bass is just playing.....

Although the noises are quite cool, I would say they instantly fade out 1:15.. You should of faded them out a bit sooner (Or left a tail of reverb on it)

I love the idea itself, around 1:48, it started to remind me of the game 'BlockStory' similar to Minecraft... I like it ;P

I do like it, I would think about adding a pad underneath to give it that extra detail that it is missing (Personally I think that)

The guitar has a cool tone, love the chorus...

Cool idea and very unique Composition, I would just say one thing as mentioned, just add some more small amounts of detail like 1 more instrument and maybe some other sound FX to make it MORE! interesting, I would love to hear some ambience noises at low levels during the composition near the last min or so...

I really enjoyed it!

Great work mate


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secantwave responds:

I can definitely see what you mean regarding adding more noises/pads. I did intend for the piece to start out and end fairly simple, but I would agree that low-level ambience at the beginning and end wouldn't go amiss.
And I love the tone of a chorused guitar too. It's one of my favorite effects.
Thanks for the review (and the bonus joke!) I'm glad you liked the piece.

unfinished work - part 1 unfinished work - part 1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I play piano too! ;)

Great playing man.... I love the idea itself although its unfinished...

You sound a bit like me, I write loads of little thinks but literally never get onto finishing a whole piece :( It sucks, and its also a really bad habbit, I have been at it for around a year so far but I have only finished around 4 pieces this year (fully finished) xD

Keep at it, I would love to hear a longer finished, did you write this in or play in midi?

Great work man, I enjoyed this unfinished piece!